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What is Tezos?

Tezos, or XTZ, is one of the several thousands of altcoins that came out after Bitcoin. Before we buy XTZ, we need to understand what it is and why it exists. Tezos, which we now know as one of the top 100 altcoins, is an expansive network that we first heard of in 2014 in its whitepaper. But due to a series of delays, its mainnet came after 4 years in 2018.

What separates it from other alternatives are its security, ability to upgrade, and long-lasting nature. The smart contracts used in the development of Tezos bear a resemblance to Ethereum’s and is said to have several high-value use cases. Arthur Brietman wrote and published the whitepaper, stating the failings of BTC due to a lack of governance.

Therefore, when you buy Tezos instantly, it allows you to vote on proposals for upgrades in the protocol as suggested by the developers. The nature of this project has made it popular as a future-proof blockchain that’ll remain well ahead in the future.

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How To Buy Tezos With A Credit Or Debit Card

How do I buy Tezos conveniently?

If you’re looking for how to buy Tezos, then the best thing to do would be to opt for a credit card. Not only is it a safe approach, but it is also a quick solution. The only catch is this method can be a bit too expensive for everyone.

So to avoid any hassles, you must decide on a few things, like:

  • Finding a trusted platform: Whether you opt for a reputable crypto exchange or any other service, it must be reliable.
  • Choose your mode of payment: Once you pick a platform to start the process, determine the mode of payment to go ahead with the purchase.
  • Keep an eye on regulatory criteria: Before the purchase goes through, do your due diligence and ensure the preferred platform is regulated or not.

Some considerations to make before buying Tezos

Before we find out how to purchase Tezos, we must realize why it is so unique compared to most altcoins available in the crypto market. By the time you start dabbling in the crypto market, you will definitely hear about Tezos, which is a high-potential decentralized network.

One of the special features of Tezos is its ability to amend itself, also called self-amendment. But why’s that necessary? Because doing so allows Tezos to never fork into two blockchains and unnecessarily divide its resources.

Here are some options to do it:

  • Exchanges
  • Swap platforms
  • Credit cards and
  • Online debit cards

But the majority of investors find it expensive to buy Tezos online with a credit card.

Should You buy Tezos with a debit card?

Users can opt to buy Tezos with a debit card instantly if they don’t want to face problems associated with other payment options. People buy XTZ and other altcoins often due to their volatile prices, which help traders' make a profit due to their fluctuations. Chances are that you will need to opt for a 3rd-party intermediary to connect your wallet to receive the tokens.

One problem you will face if you buy XTZ with a debit card is that you’ll need to pay a huge fee. Hence, even though it's easier and quicker, it’s not cost-efficient to buy XTZ using this method.

How to buy Tezos with a credit card safely?

Purchasing cryptos online is always a risky procedure due to the numerous scams active all over the globe. If you wish to avoid online traps when you choose to buy Tezos online with a credit card, then only trust professionals and legit sites.

Here are a few ways to stay safe when you wish to buy XTZ with a credit card :

  • First off, ensure that the card issuer allows crypto purchases using credit cards or not. If yes, then check if XTZ is on the list of supported cryptos or not. Otherwise, your account may attract financial penalties.
  • Secondly, it is advisable to opt for a convenient payment method, such as using a bank card, when purchasing popular cryptocurrencies like Tezos. However, keep in mind that this method involves more payments as additional fees, making it more expensive to buy Tezos with a credit card instantly.

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