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What is NEO, and why is it called Chinese Ethereum?

Among several altcoins that launched with tons of unique selling points, neo remains one of the strongest contenders. This is one of the strongest reasons people buy NEO. Originating in China as Antshares, this project quickly gained popularity and support after rebranding to neo. There is a worldwide community of blockchain developers behind the success of neo.

But its ever-growing ecosystem and objective of becoming the next generation of the internet have led NEO to where it stands now. Crypto enthusiasts have given neo a popular nickname, "Chinese Ethereum," due to

  • It is one of the first-ever Chinese public blockchains.
  • Its infrastructure lowers barriers for novice blockchain developers to build DApps and smart contracts.
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Everything you need to know on how to buy NEO

What influences the price of NEO?

Before we get into how to purchase NEO, it is imperative to know its risks. When it comes to buying any altcoin, the first concern is its unstable price. Crypto volatile prices could fall or rise whenever, making it difficult and quite unprofitable at times. Therefore, before making any crypto purchase online, make sure to check what is driving its price rather than simply buying the dip.

Here’s what usually drives the price of an altcoin like neo:

  • The circulating supply is the number of tokens currently in circulation. Neo and other crypto projects might see an uptick in prices when the circulating supply changes rapidly.
  • The overall sentiment of the crypto market, whether bullish or bearish, could either raise or lower NEO prices.

There are several other market-related reasons behind NEO price movements that you need to consider instead of choosing to buy neo instantly.

How to buy NEO safely?

Buying NEO is easy for those who have either done it before or already know the correct procedure. But when it comes to safety, many would flinch before proceeding to buy neo online with credit card. One of the safest answers to how to buy neo requires:

  • A hardware wallet
  • An exchange supporting NEO

Since all cryptocurrencies are highly sensitive assets that could be stolen or hacked if not protected, a hardware wallet helps secure them. A neo hardware wallet will protect your private keys without storing your actual tokens.

But since NEO is a popular crypto asset, one can easily buy it using either a debit card or a credit card, as described below.

How do I buy NEO with Debit debit card?

There are far too many dos and don’ts to buying a cryptocurrency using a debit card. And yet, countless people choose to buy their favorite crypto, such as neo, with debit card. So before you buy neo with debit card, it’s important to know how to do it safely. We have shared a few tips to lead you down the right path:

  • Remember that not all crypto platforms that allow purchases accept debit cards. So the first thing to do is find out where you can buy NEO with debit card instantly.
  • After finding a reliable exchange platform, check the fees associated with buying NEO using bank cards, which can be quite high.

After making the purchase, you need to store your NEO tokens safely in a neo-supported hardware wallet.

Can you buy NEO with credit credit card?

Now you must be wondering whether one can buy neo with credit card or not, and the answer is yes. These days, buying cryptocurrencies using international credit cards has become quite common thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. To buy neo with credit card instantly, you need to take the risk of trusting a third-party platform that facilitates the exchange of money for crypto.

But in order to do this, you need to make sure that your credit card issuer allows cryptographic purchases online. Otherwise, the purchase might fail, and you would be penalized for going against the terms and conditions. Furthermore, you must also pick a crypto platform that lists neo and has active markets for this crypto to proceed with the purchase comfortably.

Since NEO is relatively cheaper than ETH, it’s a popular choice to buy using credit or debit cards.

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