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What is gas and what does it do?

To buy gas crypto, we need to unfold NEO, a longstanding altcoin that started as a rapidly growing ecosystem. Gas crypto is one of the two native tokens of the Neo blockchain. NEO is one of the first public blockchain platforms to have a dual token model. This helps keep the NEO blockchain’s governance separate from its utility effectively. So while the NEO token acts as an investment token that participants buy, Gas is utilised to pay transaction fees.

To simplify, $NEO is the governing token, which gives holders the right to participate in voting for consensus. But $GAS is the fuel token (or utility token) created for Neo network resource control. An individual can buy gas instantly and use it for

  • transferring assets
  • publishing assets
  • registering assets
  • running DApps, etc.

When NEO originated, one-half of both NEO and GAS were distributed to token sale participants, and the other half was split among the NEO council and developers. Gas in this network is generated every 20 seconds, according to the official website.

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Everything you need to know on how to buy GAS

How Gas differs from Ethereum Gas?

Before we find out how to purchase gas, we must differentiate between Ethereum and NEO Gas. Both of these similar blockchain projects have been pitted against each other for a long time. Ethereum is best known as the giant following Bitcoin since its inception. NEO, on the other hand, is a quickly expanding network that earned the nickname Chinese Ethereum.

One of the key differences between these two projects is based on their blockchain fuel. In both the Ethereum and NEO blockchains, this blockchain fuel goes by the same name, Gas, which could confuse an individual trying to buy gas online with a credit card. Think of the NEO token as the stock for which gas is the dividend one receives. But in the case of Ethereum, you can think of ether as a dollar and gas as a cent.

Mainly, only in the case of NEO does gas crypto exist as a separate token. In Ethereum, gas is just a smaller unit of ether.

How do I buy gas?

If you search for how to buy gas, then you will be recommended to buy gas with a credit card instantly, which is a safer and quicker solution. But if you wish to buy gas without any hassles, then you must find a trusted platform, such as a global cryptocurrency exchange. Once a buyer has chosen their preferred mode of payment, it is time to move forward with the gas purchase.

What you need to buy gas online is:

  • A NEO wallet
  • An exchange offering gas
  • A secure payment mode

Once the purchase is complete, you can claim the gas tokens and store them safely in your wallet.

Is it safe to buy gas with credit card?

When buying GAS, your main concern should be whether it’s safe to buy gas online with a credit card or not. There are numerous online crypto scams that might seem legit at first glance, but without knowledge, it’s impossible to avoid them.

Here’s how to stay safe when you’re about to buy gas with credit card:

  • For starters, check whether your credit card issuer allows gas crypto purchases or not. Otherwise, you might get penalised.
  • Gas is a famous crypto token with a 24/7 live market on several crypto exchanges. But since a credit card transaction is considered a cash advance, it could be expensive.

If you use a credit card to buy gas then you’ll need to pay a huge fee, which is why, even though it’s possible to buy GAS using a credit card, it’s not recommended.

Can I buy gas with debit card?

To skip complicated payment processes once and for all, you can buy gas with debit card instantly. People buy gas and other altcoins often due to their volatile prices, which help traders make a profit due to their fluctuations. In order to buy gas with debit card, you need to go through a simple process that includes:

  • Account verification
  • Sharing billing details
  • Ensure zero fraud risk
  • Choosing a third-party app

Among the aforementioned, choosing a reliable third-party app to handle the payment process is the hardest to do. Depending on which app you have selected, the transaction can either be a success or not.

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