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Ripple and XRP: key differences

It is hard to find anyone who has never heard of bitcoin. This digital currency has become a symbol of the crypto phenomenon since it has incredibly developed in recent years. Nevertheless, other attractive options are available as well. For example, ripple, although this is not exactly a crypto asset. Actually, it is a digital network for payments based on blockchain technology, and it works on a specially developed protocol with its own digital currency XRP.

So, Ripple is the name of the company, and as for XRP, it was designed for the purposes of this company’s network. It gained popularity recently due to the attractive increase in indicators. Nevertheless, for many users, questions about how to buy ripple or how to buy XRP with credit card seem to be synonymous, and users do not understand where to start and what to do in this area. Therefore, let us discover some useful details about this coin before you decide to buy ripple online with credit card.

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What you should know before you learn how to buy ripple and further use it

When is it become possible to buy XRP and how this area developed

What is it all about and how to buy ripple with credit card? First of all, it is necessary to note the purpose this instrument was developed. It was aimed at cooperation with financial organisations and introducing it into their daily activities. For example, the company’s protocol is utilised by such global giants as UniCredit, UBS, and Santander.

Therefore, it should serve as a reliable agent between those who take part in some operation. This network is able to confirm instantly that the process occurred correctly. Moreover, there are almost no limitations for the goods that are used in such operation, making this solution universal.

Its brief history is as follows:

  • The original RipplePay platform was launched in 2004.
  • It acquired its modern look much later. Actually, eight years were needed for changes.
  • The idea of this novel instrument was to replace or at least make better SWIFT, the system utilised by banks for international payments.
  • The developers wished to get an efficient, real-time direct way for the transfer of funds, which is much safer and less expensive than similar systems used by traditional organisations. Every time the operation via this tool occurs, a small number of XRP is deducted as a fee. XRP, although it is an internal currency, is not dependent on the provider.

How are new XRP coins created?

Before you learn how to buy ripple, let us discuss the principles of creation and operation of XRP as this purpose-specific coin differs from those ways that you may know for others. Instead of mining based on calculations, which is not needed here, XRP utilises a special mechanism going through the servers for the confirmation of operations. Therefore, we can assume that it was mined in advance.

At first, 100 billion XRP were made, and those who are interested can buy ripple instantly. The company owns 6% of the total for needs to develop it further. 43 billion are reserved, and around 51.7 billion are with the users who purchased them.

How to buy ripple with debit card and what is next?

The question of how to purchase ripple has at least three possible solutions:

  • From the owner. It is quite a dangerous option and, therefore, not suitable for everyone.
  • Online exchangers. A quick and easy way is to buy ripple with debit card. For such an operation, you can even do without registration with personal data. The main drawback of this solution is an extremely unfavorable e-rate. On the exchange, you will lose at least 7-10% of its market value.
  • Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges where one can buy ripple with debit card instantly. Losses on commissions and the different rates are much lower here than for exchangers, but there are additional verification procedures that require your time and attention.

On, you can buy ripple in a matter of a few minutes. You just simply need to create and verify your account, pick XRP on the "Buy crypto" page, enter the amount of assets you wish to get and specify your card details.

Like other coins, XRP tokens are assigned to certain addresses according to the processing of operations. When you buy XRP with credit card and are interested in the long-term storage of coins, it is better to utilise hardware wallets to be sure of proper protection.

To have quick access to them and conduct transactions, you can take an advantage of the official Ripple Gatehub wallet. By the way, it supports dollars and euros, so it is suitable not only for storing but can also be utilised to buy ripple with credit card instantly.

XRP is an excellent instrument for investments, which can also be utilised on an exchange as well as for payments when conducting financial transactions. Of course, some risks associated with this area due to the volatility of markets and unpredicted events always exist. However, you can still buy XRP with debit card and use or store it.

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