Reduce trading fee with EXMO Premium
Select the package that best suits you and get fixed discounts on all trading fees
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15% to 100% trading fee discount
Fixed discount regardless of trading volume
Covers all cryptocurrency pairs
Trading fees on EXMO
Fee types
Depending on the type of trading operation, EXMO charges a Maker fee for placing a buy order or a Taker fee for executing a sell order.
Fee amount
The amount of fee depends on your trading activity. The higher the monthly trading volume, the lower the fee.
Fee discount
EXMO Premium packages provide fixed Taker and Maker fee discounts from 15% to 100% during a month.
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EXMO Premium Packages
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How to reduce trading fees?

To start trading with reduced fees, select one of the four packages and purchase it with EXMO Coins.

How long is the EXMO Premium package valid?

The package is valid for 30 days with the possibility of automatic renewal.

How to choose the right EXMO Premium package?

To find the most appropriate package, answer two main questions – what trading volume do you expect to have and how much trading fee discount do you wish to receive?
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