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What is tron (TRX) and what drives its price?

Tron is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that aims to create a digital entertainment ecosystem for users worldwide. Created in September 2017 by Justin Sun, Tron’s blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), a consensus algorithm facilitating lower fees and faster transaction processing times. Tron also makes use of smart contract technology, which makes the execution of specific terms and conditions of an agreement completely automatic.

One of the main factors that determine Tron’s price is its circulating supply. This is also one of the reasons why Tron’s price is low compared to other coins. Usually, the price of any coin, including tron, is indirectly or directly affected by bitcoin.

However, other factors such as developing new use cases for the token, launching products, and announcing partnerships can also affect its price in one way or another.

TRX icon TRON price
$ 0.12
TRX trend
Volume 737885 TRX
Change +0.53%
High $0.12377923
Low $0.1145

Everything you need to know on how to buy tron

Is it too late to buy TRX?

It's important to understand that volatility is one of the major factors in the global crypto market. This makes it very tough to accurately predict where Tron’s price will be in a couple of hours, let alone a long-term forecast. However, it's never too late to buy Tron. Even though 2022 has not been kind to Tron, things are starting to look up in 2023.

Tron experienced a price burst back in May 2022, reaching a peak of $0.09280. Tron maintained its price levels, initially dropping to $0.6612 before recovering back to $0.09260 on 1st June 2022. As of 19th April 2023, it's at $0.06564, with a lot of room for improvement thanks to the future the project has in the pipeline.

So, if you want to buy Tron (TRX) now, you will have to keep an eye out for how the price changes. Many people are unaware of how to purchase Tron, which will be highlighted in the sections below.

Can I buy tron with debit card?

One of the most popular queries on Google related to tron is “How to buy tron with a debit card instantly”. Depending on the payment methods available a crypto exchange may or may not let users buy TRX with debit cards. However, users may require a KYC verification process which ensures fraud protection.

Crypto enthusiasts should also know that debit card purchases on cryptocurrency exchanges may attract additional fees, such as fees for the network, exchange, or transactions. The fee charged is variable, depending on the exchange and the amount selected. Most crypto exchanges allow users to buy tron with debit cards instantly.

For instance, allows you to buy tron with credit cards without the need to top up your balance.

How to buy tron using credit cards?

Many people want to buy tron online with credit cards. Several exchanges make this possible. They may require the user to go through a verification process to verify their identity and prevent fraud. Users must first select an appropriate crypto exchange and sign up with them after completing the verification process.

Once the exchange verifies the user’s account, they can buy TRX with credit cards. To buy tron instantly, they need to go to the “buy” or “trade” section of the exchange and select tron. The next step involves choosing the credit card option as the preferred payment method, along with the amount of tron the user wants to purchase. The tokens are then usually credited to the user’s exchange wallet after the payment is processed.

What can I do with tron tokens after buying?

After buying tron (TRX) tokens, there are a few options you can use them for. Firstly, users could hold their tron (TRX) tokens to sell them at a profit. To do this, users must trade it against another cryptocurrency, including popular ones such as BTC, XRP, DOGE, ETH, and others.

The main use of tron (TRX) tokens is to directly pay the content creators to access their applications inside the Tron ecosystem. They can also be used as a dApp’s currency. Additionally, users can spend TRX tokens for purchasing products from brands such as, Crypto Emporium, Gifto and several others.

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