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What is Stellar (XLM) what affects its price?

Stellar (XLM) is a crypto project which emerged as a result of disagreements between Jed McCalen and other Ripple founders regarding the future direction of the project. Stellar is often compared to Ripple due to a lot of similarities. However, Stellar is more effective when it comes to international payments as it charges less fees and is much quicker.

Just like other cryptos, Stellar’s price is also dependent on the forces of demand and supply. Additionally, it also depends on the rate of adoption of Stellar’s tokens and its use cases. The price levels also depend on how well Stellar’s own decentralized exchange is performing. This is why crypto investors should be updated about every aspect of the coin they are investing in.

XLM icon Stellar price
$ 0.12
XLM trend
Volume 130847 XLM
Change -1.65%
High $0.12464193
Low $0.11800738

How to Buy Stellar with a credit or debit card?

How to buy Stellar in the most convenient way possible?

As it's one of the most traded cryptos which has featured in the top ten multiple times, there are several ways to buy Stellar. XLM can be found in a variety of exchanges where one simply has to follow some easy steps to buy the tokens. Additionally, there are P2P marketplaces where users can directly buy the tokens from other users. Compared to both these methods, buying from a certified exchange is the smartest thing that a trader can do.

Besides this, Stellar can also be found on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, which comes built-in. Other users may prefer crypto ATMs or over-the-counter desks to purchase large amounts of XLM. Finally, those who want to buy Stellar instantly, can do so by selecting exchanges which offer the option to buy XLM with debit cards or credit cards. Check out how to purchase Stellar using this method below.

Reasons to buy Stellar with Debit card

The majority of users avoid buying any crypto with debit or credit cards. But this method has a lot of advantages. Using this method to buy Stellar allows anyone to buy XLM with debit card securely and quickly. To buy Stellar with Debit card instantly, you have to select an exchange which supports the payment method.

The transactions in this method are also completed quickly, allowing anyone to access their tokens instantly. Also, purchasing them using debit cards involves much less fees compared to a credit card. It has paved the way for a multitude of traders to take part in the crypto market which would otherwise not be possible.

How to buy Stellar with credit card?

One of the safest ways to get access to XLM is to buy stellar online with credit card. To this, one has to simply find out an appropriate crypto exchange which facilitates crypto credit card payments.

While exchanges may vary when it comes to how their interfaces are designed, the basic steps to follow are similar. To buy Stellar with credit card instantly, you should follow these steps.

  • Create an account with the crypto exchange by providing the necessary details. Any crypto exchanges require crucial personal details as part of their KYC process.
  • Next, you should select Stellar as the asset you want to buy and then select “credit card” as your preferred payment mode.
  • The final step involves linking your credit card with the exchange account and funding it. After this, you will be ready to buy XLM with a credit card.

Before embarking on this process, you need to be sure whether your issuer allows crypto payments using credit cards. Also, you need to be mindful of any charges or extra fees that you may incur for choosing this method.

What can you do after you buy XLM?

At a current value of $0.094, Stellar seems to be one of those cryptos that you can hold as a long-term investment, especially if you see growing positive sentiment for days to come. Stellar tokens can also be staked using a process known as Delegated proof-of-stake. With Stellar tokens, users can also freely participate in the development of the Stellar network by running a node or creating applications.

Finally, several merchants and companies accept Stellar tokens as payment. The list includes major names such as, Blockchain App Factory, Lobstr Vault, SatoshiPay and The White Company among others.

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