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What is Near Protocol?

The blockchain industry has been home to numerous decentralized open-source platforms and Near Protocol is one such platform. It was created as a cloud computing platform that is operated by its community with high transaction speed, high throughput, and better interoperability. If you wish to buy NEAR, then you must first be aware of its use cases.

NEAR tokens can be used in several ways, like for fees for processing transactions, storing information, running nodes for validation, staking, governance voting that determines network resources, etc. After its mainnet launch in April 2020, around 1 billion NEAR tokens became available to buy Near Protocol instantly. This blockchain project utilizes Doomslug, a type of the well-known proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

But how should one proceed to buy NEAR in the first place? Let us find out.

NEAR icon Near price
$ 8.04
NEAR trend
Volume 381217 NEAR
Change -0.71%
High $8.69
Low $7

Everything you need to know on how to buy NEAR

Why buy Near Protocol when Bitcoin is following a downtrend?

Price fluctuations are one of the most common traits of the global crypto market, whose roots are associated with the Bitcoin price’s instability. The market is currently battling long-term volatility at the time of writing, which means the price of altcoins like Near Protocol could change.

The market situation directly impacts how to purchase Near Protocol profitably and avoid additional fees online. This third-gen blockchain is available to buy because its data:

  • Is accessible and usable.
  • Uses the sharding approach
  • Employs an eco-friendly consensus.
  • Improves interoperability by linking to other blockchains.

The reason why we’re taking a look at how to buy Near Protocol online with a credit card is because of its popularity, futuristic features, supportive and expanding dev community, and scope to grow in the future. NEAR is a better option to invest in than BTC, which lacks these aspects.

So let’s discuss how to buy Near Protocol with a credit card safely online.

How do I buy Near Protocol safely?

There are not one but several paths for anyone interested in knowing how to buy Near Protocol. But all of these methods aren’t secure for beginners or even some experienced traders. Online purchases usually involve a credit card, and it remains the same if you prefer to buy Near Protocol with credit card instantly.

According to Forbes, there are a handful of online exchanges to buy Near Protocol online with a credit card that it supports. You will need to find out whether the platform you’ve chosen has the following or not, and you’re good to go.

  • Basic trading information, like cryptos supported and payment options allowed,
  • Sufficient trading volume if it is an exchange (centralized or decentralized).
  • Regulatory transparency so that you don’t end up going against the laws
  • High-end security features to avoid scams, hacks, and other risks.

Steps to buy Near Protocol with a credit card online

Now that we’ve explained ways to ensure that you are buying NEAR instantly through a credit card but also safely, it is time to discuss the process. This process differs a bit from buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the largest crypto in market capitalization, and one can find several outlets to buy BTC easily, instantly, and safely. But with the NEAR token, things are different. Here are the steps to buy NEAR with a credit card:

  • The first step is usually the most important, as you need to find the safest platform to buy NEAR.
  • After selecting your platform, you need to check which credit cards they support for payments. Usually, it’s either Visa or Mastercard.
  • Now you may register on the platform to start the process and open a wallet to store your newly purchased tokens.

Can I buy Near Protocol with a debit card online?

Those who want to buy Near Protocol with a debit card instantly need to be aware of a few things. Many crypto enthusiasts who buy and sell crypto daily only use their credit because it’s cheaper.

There are a handful of platforms that allow people to buy NEAR with a debit card, but there’s a catch. Buying crypto with a debit card incurs a huge fee, making it an expensive way to buy NEAR.

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