Satoshi Nakamato is finally found? Part One

The mysterious "Satoshi Nakamoto" appears to be a 44 year old guy from Australia. 
The virtual Bitcoin currency became a modern influential technological phenomenon. However unlike other significant inventions Bitcoin's authors were surrounded by an aura of mystery for a long time. Now the mystery is possibly solved. It appears that one of the key engineers behind Bitcoin currency is a 44 year-old man from Australia named Craig Steven Wright. 

The name should be the result of an investigation that both Gizmodo and Wired have participated in for a long time and that has produced a large amount of evidence in the form of leaked e-mails, interviews, blog posts, various documents and information from sources who claim to have worked for Wright. 
The information should have been thoroughly investigated and cross-checked against various sources and therefore points in the direction that it is actually Wright who is the key person.