Buy with BTC: Exchange Bitcoin for Dollar

During the past couple of months, several established retail businesses have changed their business policies, they decided that customers can pay with bitcoin for their products or services. Most of them are Internet stores, but there are brick and mortar businesses amongst them.

You can visit aggregator sites to find out which businesses allow you to use bitcoins. Aggregator sites list businesses that accept bitcoin as payment for products or services. offers maps to feature businesses that support bitcoin, and it constantly adds new businesses. CoinDesk and also have a comprehensive list on bitcoin accepting enterprises.

Exchange Bitcoins for Physical Items

Online E-Commerce Sites

The online platform of Microsoft accepts cryptocurrency. Customers from the United States can use bitcoin to pay for games, videos, applications. Dell accepts bitcoins via a partnership with Coinbase, it even offers incentives, for example, the first bitcoin users could buy some high-end products for a 10 percent lower price. Overstock, a big retailer that deals in a diverse range of products, offers an option to pay in bitcoin. This alternative is available in over 100 countries.

The following businesses support bitcoin:

  • Newegg, a hardware and software company
  •, a business that offers a variety of products
  • TigerDirect, a retailer of computers and electronic devices
  • Keystone Pet Place, an enterprise that deals with items for pets
  • Monoprix
  • Bitcoinshop
  • Memory Dealers

Airlines that Accept Bitcoin

  • AirBaltic
  • Air Lituanica
  • BTCTrip

Services for Bitcoin

UK’s Theatre Tickets Direct has a bitcoin supporting ticket booking service for theatre plays and musicals in London

Bitcoin Gift Cards

Cryptocurrency is a very new and unusual implementation. You may have a hard time while finding businesses that accept bitcoin or other digital currencies. If you cannot use bitcoin directly to purchase items, you still can buy gift cards. Amazon, Target and Nike got the cards.