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An Important Information For DAI/SAI Holders (MakerDAO)

Dear users, 

Attention! Some important updates due to the release of the MakerDAO system new version, as well as DAI token (SAI) moving to a new smart contract transition. 

Here are the changes:

  1. Now DAI token has the new name - SAI. 
  2. EXMO will support Deposit/Withdrawal operations only for SAI tokens (the old DAI smart contract).

Make sure that you are using the correct addresses of the smart contract, otherwise, your Deposit or Withdrawal operation may be lost.

  1. SAI (DAI) Deposit and Withdrawal options would be stopped for further migration to a new smart contract on the 2nd of December 2019. Trading in pairs with SAI (DAI) will operate in a normal mode.

Depositing and Withdrawing the SAI(DAI) token will be resumed after the migration to a new smart contract, as well as after checking if the updated network operates normally.

Please note this circumstance while making operations.

We apologize for any temporary inconvenience.

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Thank you for choosing us!

Best regards, EXMO team