Cashback on EXMO: new program announcement

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange launches a new Cashback program...New Cashback program on EXMO...Cashback implies a partial return of commission paid for a transaction on the platform...

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Cashback on EXMO: new program announcement


Starting from May 1, 2018, EXMO cryptocurrency platform launches a brand new Cashback program.

Key benefits of a new Cashback program:

- Lowering currency risks;
- Cashback is credited in transaction currency;
- Daily Сashback crediting;
- Up to 70% of commissions can be returned.

Starting from May 1, 2018, all of the registered users automatically become the participants of the new Cashback program. Please, keep in mind that Cashback implies a partial return of the commission paid for a transaction.

The detailed information on the new Cashback system’s payment ranks will be provided in the official press-release and on the “News” page.

EXMO team endeavours to ensure the most favourable trading terms for the users. The platform has recently integrated the world known TOP payment systems Skrill and Visa/Mastercard to deposit in dollars (USD), euro (euro), and Polish zloty (PLN).

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