Reach more profit on EXMO – gain 25% more

EXMO referral program benefits… Active traders increase in profits through application of a specific referral link... Useful examples of using referal program are disposing banners on your website, email marketing, social media, forums and chats, news content for your blog and Youtube channel…

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Reach more profit on EXMO – gain 25% more


EXMO cryptocurrency platform provides the affiliate program for active traders.

Active traders increase in profits through application of a specific referral link, which is provided to every user, who had previously registered on the website.

Example of referral link:******.

Use EXMO affiliate program to increase in profits.


How does referral program work on EXMO?

Once you have registered on EXMO, proceed to “Referral program” page. Now you can invite friends with the help of personal referral link, and profit by 25% fees from all further referrals’ deals.

Notice that there is a unique rule for all users on the platform:

It is forbidden to advertise one’s personal referral link to in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords.

How to attract referrals? Useful examples

Website banner


Website banner is one of the easiest options to make money by referrals. Add a banner with an active referral link to your personal website, or blog. For this purpose, proceed to “Referral program” page, choose “Banner”, copy code, and add it to the website/blog.

News content for your blog


Every week EXMO publishes unique content – articles sharing expert opinions on the important issues within cryptocurrency traders’ community. If you have a cryptocurrency blog/website, use EXMO educational content – cope the material, and paste it as a unique EXMO source with personal referral link.

Email marketing


If you have a subscribers list, you have a chance to attract a lot of new registrations through email marketing campaign. The new registrations will bring you 25% more profit from the deals performed by the newly registered users. You will get profit as long as these users perform on EXMO.

Social media


Social media is a great source for a content spread. You can earn additional passive income through attracting new registrations via social media. You can share EXMO educational content and news with personal referral link via social media.

YouTube channel


You can use YouTube – world most popular video hosting service to monetize your cooperation with EXMO. You can share your experience with new coming traders. Make a video about EXMO platform adding a referral link to the video description.

Visit EXMO Youtube channel to find out useful information on cryptocurrencies and trading on the platform.

Forums and chats


If you participate actively in forum discussions, then, you also have opportunities to gain more profit on the platform. You can add personal referral link to your signature on a forum.

Finally, we would also like to admit that EXMO platform provides one of the most beneficial affiliate programs at the cryptocurrency market.

EXMO referral program benefits:

- A variety of options to attract referrals;
- Gain profit fast;
- Access to quality content;
- An opportunity to gain 25% fees from any further referrals’ deals;
- Referral-based income is ensured for as long as your referrals are active participants on EXMO.

Apply these options to raise your income on EXMO.

Make sure to follow our updates on EXMO official website and through the official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and by emails.

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