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Account security on EXMO crypto-platform


EXMO team holds paramount the safety of user’s assets. EXMO specialists gathered information to explain in details how to ensure the security of personal account and funds in this article.

EXMO official address

There are only two official EXMO addresses: and mirror -


Every user is responsible for his/her account and funds on EXMO.

Profile two-factor authentication (2FA)

One of the major steps you need to take to ensure the security of your account – to install two-factor authentication, which is an access system based on two keys and used to enhance the security of user’s accounts.


Core advantages of two-factor authentication:

- You do not need additional facilities for work because authentication is performed via mobile device, which is usually within reach;
- The confirmation code is always new and more secure than a single password.

You can switch on 2FA in your online account.

EXMO team recommends you to apply Google Authenticator due to the following:

- Application of Google Authenticator ensures instant website entry;
- Application generates unique six-figure code every 30 seconds, cutting down on the risks of information leak.

You can learn about how to start working with Google Authenticator in this material.

Security of your Email


You need to remember that:

- EXMO does never send any letters asking to donate or transfer funds;
- EXMO does never ask to send personal data to participate in contests;
- The official mailout comes only from the official domain -

Desktop/mobile application

Currently, EXMO does not have any official mobile application. However, both EXMO mobile application and its release are being already developed.


Please, make sure you have taken the mentioned information into consideration to avoid installing fake applications.

Here are a few more pieces of advice on your account security

- Whenever you enter your account, a letter with IP-address from which entry was done should come to your email;
- If you have noticed suspicious activity, report about it to, EXMO support team;
- Never enter your account from undetermined device;
- Never continue to website following unverified link;
- Make sure to receive first-hand information about EXMO platform: on official website “News” page and through the official channels: TelegramFacebook, Twitter

The security measures listed above maximize your chances to secure your account and data.

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Your respectfully, EXMO team