Cashback advantages on EXMO

Cashback is mostly paid in the end of the month and encourage those traders, who are trading more seriously… Depending on a trader’s monthly trading activity, he/she can be paid off from 10% to 60% of his/her paid fees. Let’s have a look how trading volume requirements differ on EXMO and other platforms…

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Cashback advantages on EXMO


What is cashback and how does it work when you buy/sell crypto?

In exchange trading, cashback is a kind of pay-off for user’s fees paid while trading. In the most cases, cashback is calculated in the end of each month and paid in 5 days of a new month. Cashback can be generally called a motivational pay-off aimed to encourage traders, who are buying/selling crypto actively. At the same time, it enhances overall price move.

Cashback option is not available on any crypto-platform. It is only available on the solid crypto-platforms, which is a case of EXMO platform.

A differentiate payments scale is applied to uphold users most effectively. Depending on a trading volume of a particular trader, a platform can repay him/her from 10% to 60% from the total amount of fees paid by a trader during a payroll month.

How do traders profit from cashback?

Now, let’s have a look at how cashback works and how compensation for monthly paid fees is awarded. Cashback option on EXMO can be taken as an example.

At the end of each month, a system reviews every trader’s trading volume calculated in Bitcoins. Trading volume equals total volume of all the assets purchased by a trader in the current month. Then, trading volume is reduced, which means it is recounted in Bitcoins at the transaction date rate.

Depending on monthly trading volume, traders can receive cashback (Table 1), or not, if his/her trading volume equals less than 10 BTC. Then, a trader’s paid fees amount (which equals 0.2% from the total volume) is calculated. A trader has the right for fees repayment, which makes from 10% to 60%. This sum is transferred to his/her account in one of the first days of each month. Each month, you need to work on your trading volume to reach the desired sum of cashback. This sum is paid to the user in one of the first days of a new month.

Here are several examples:


Example # 1

1. Supposing a trader has managed to reach trading volume of 17.531 BTC in the end of a month. If you exercise buy/sell operations heavily, it is easy to reach such trading volume even if you deposit a few tenth of BTC. In this case, the amount of the paid fees will be equal:

17.531*0.002 = 0.035062 BTC

10% cashback will make:

0.035062*0.1 = 0.0035062 BTC ~ 20 USD at the current BTC rate

Small trading volume example (10% repayment):

Example # 2

2. Next, supposing a trader has managed to reach significant trading volume of 143.178 BTC due to his/her increased trading activity. The amount of the paid fees will be equal:

143.178*0.002 = 0.286356 BTC

Cashback will be equal:

0.286356*0.3 = 0.0859068 BTC ~ 500 USD at the current BTC rate

Medium trading volume example (30% repayment):

Example # 3

Finally, supposing a trader is well-experienced and has been successfully managing his/her trading activity for quite a long time. Let’s assume that his/her trading volume makes 640 BTC. The amount of paid fees will be equal:

640*0.002 = 1.28 BTC

50% cashback will make:

1.28*0.5 = 0.64 BTC ~ 3700 USD

Evidently, cashback is quite a profitable option for a trader, let alone trading itself.

How is cashback calculated on different crypto-platforms?

It would be quite interesting to regard under what conditions cashback is paid off on EXMO and other crypto-platforms.

Table 1. Trading volume requirements for cashback


*Data has been taken from the official crypto-platforms

Cashback option on EXMO has a lot of advantages, including low trading volume requirements:

Unlike to the majority of crypto-platforms, on EXMO, a user gets cashback whenever he/she does a currency operation. The other crypto-platforms require a user to do particular currency operations to be able to get cashback. EXMO encourages users for their trading volume without any special requirements.

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