Onecoin – is it a pyramid or a good business? Part Two

Onecoin in Finland has several thousand members, and at least 1500 has invested between 100 and 5000 euros in so-called training package which is the base for the whole system.

You start to invest into packages and get the bargain of so-called tokener which is a precursor to Onecoin. With tokens it is possible to make business with other members, and later replace these tokens with the digital currency.

Bank of Finland and the European Banking Authority EBA warns of the risks of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Onecoin.

Police in Finland promise promptly investigate whether the activity is legal or not.

- Those who bet money on this get promises of solid profits, however it is not possible to find the information about what the initiative is ultimately worth, says Laiho on the Police Board.
Therefore he has a feeling that scam probability is too high in this case.