EU considering crack down on Bitcoin because of terrorist link

The major terrorist attack in Paris recently have made many governments nervous and some have begun to pay attention to the IT-related sides used by terrorists. As the result, the virtual currency Bitcoin became the object of EU attention.  

A number of the EU's foreign and justice ministers have agreed to tighten oversight of payment methods that can be used anonymously to finance terrorist activities including virtual currencies. 

It's not entirely clear exactly what these tightening will consist of and yet there is only the discussion inside the European Commission, EU's executive body, which measures should be implemented.

The European Commission will, however, already be in the process of evaluating the risk associated with anonymous payment methods that can be used for terrorist financing and according to a source from the commission's virtual currencies supposedly devoted extra attention.

Although Bitcoin not seem to be explicitly mentioned, it is natural to assume that Bitcoin is one of the main targets. It is unclear to what extent suspected terrorists make use of Bitcoin, but it is a known fact that the currency is in demand as a mean of payment in the sale of illegal goods on the Internet. As an example here we may mention drug market called Silk Road.