Verification Via The Telegram Passport

Telegram Passport can significantly reduce the time needed to complete the verification on EXMO. The whole process will take no more than 15 minutes if you have all the necessary documents. If you have already provided your data for Telegram before - the verification on will take just 3 clicks.

Since many payment systems ask for the verification to Deposit/Withdraw funds, for the convenience of users EXMO has integrated the Telegram Passport option with Sumsub's identity verification function and KYC. Sumsub AI-based solution automates identity verification and anti-fraud services, providing compliance to relevant regulations and AML screening. A new verification procedure enables a hassle-free online experience by asking users to submit a couple of pictures, reducing the check time to 2 minutes. The important detail is that the service itself does not have access to the data — it is encrypted on the user's device.

Get verified via already existing Telegram Passport

If you already have a Telegram Passport  account with the uploaded documents, the verification on EXMO will take only 3 clicks:

  1. Choose the “Verification via Telegram” option in the “Account Verification” section of your EXMO personal account. A pop-up window will appear in the browser, confirm the switch to the Telegram application.
  2. Enter the password to access the Telegram Passport application, press “Next”
  3. Сlick on the “Authorize” button below the message from Sum&Substance KYC Bot.

You will get a Telegram notification that your document is accepted, and congratulations on the successful EXMO verification soon. If any of the previously provided documents are not suitable for the verification on EXMO (due to some different requirements), Sum&Substance KYC Bot will send you the detailed information on how to change it. 

Complete the verification

Сreating the Telegram Passport and uploading documents for the EXMO verification 

To register the Telegram Passport you will need the following:

  1. A high-quality photo of your passport or ID-card;
  2. Selfie photo with this document;
  3. Your utility bill, bank statement with your address or rental agreement.

Step 1. Choose the “Verification via Telegram” option

In the “Account Verification” option of your EXMO account choose “Verification via Telegram”: the browser will redirect you to the dialog with Telegram-Bot Sum&Substance KYC Bot. 

Step 2. Security: Create a password 

Specify the password for access to your Telegram Passport: a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters is the best way of the account's security. The bot will ask you to specify your second email to have an option to restore Telegram Passport's access and enter a "forgot my password hint".

Step 3. Identity Verification

  1. To verify your identity, please, upload any of these documents to Sum & Substance KYC Bot: 

  • National passport;
  • International passport;
  • ID-card.

All the documents should be up-to-date, all the photos - high-quality, all the details should be clearly and legibly visible.

  1. Upload a selfie with the specified document.

The image must be clear and legible, it couldn't be distorted or glared, any part of the document can not be hidden.

  1. Enter all the needed data: Name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, country of residence, number of the uploaded document and its validity. Middle name and the validity period of the document are optional fields, don’t fill them if the document you are downloading does not have this information.

Step 4. Verification of the address

  1. To verify the address manually enter it into the system.
  2. Verify the address, attach your utility bill, bank statement with your address or rental agreement.  Documents must be no older than three months, with a full name (initials are not enough).

Step 5. EXMO account verification

Сlick on the “Authorize” button after specifying all the necessary data and loading all the documents into Sum & Substance KYC Bot.

At this step, you will receive a Telegram-notification from Sum & Substance KYC Bot that the documents have been accepted.

If the downloaded documents satisfy the rules, you will get almost immediate notification on the successfully completed EXMO verification. If something is wrong, you will receive a Telegram message indicating the problem with some recommendations on how to fix it. You will find a similar message in your EXMO account.

Complete the verification