Bitcoin technology dynamics. Part Two.

The IT giants like Microsoft step further and offer a cloud service for those who want to use blockchain technology. The service uses technology from the foundation Ethereum who a year ago raised $18 million in a fund raising campaign where they sold their own digital currency based on a version of the blockchain, where contracts are written in code and can be locked.

Microsoft thinks that the company's cloud service to be used by financial organizations that want to test the technology, without investing into hardware. The programmer Vitaly Buterin, member of Ethereum project, is sure the technology can also be used for other things. Instead of creating a traditional company that imagines Ethereum that the technology will be used to build business without a manager or management board where everyone rather than working for a contract will be locked into the block chain. However, the vision may not be valid for all types of businesses.

Nowadays it is clear that we will have a lot of upcoming exciting projects based on the technology behind Bitcoin