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Why does everyone talk about EOS?

When EOS appeared, it was a really powerful breakthrough, and first two years of its existence, no one asked questions about whether or not it is advisable to buy EOS. Nevertheless, the situation has changed, and the visible growth for this coin was not observed. What do we see today? Is it advisable to buy EOS with credit card or by other means? Here, we discuss some basics about it.

EOS was developed as a platform where decentralised apps were developed. From the start, it competes with Ethereum and is somehow similar to it. Before discussing how to buy EOS, let us find out some details about this project's history.

The main facts about it are as follows:

  • The owner of the system is, and it was developed to be fast, easy, scalable and the best among all other existing options.
  • Since the sales have started, it brought the developers nearly $200 billion of profit.
  • Everyone will be able to work with the system thanks to its intuitive and attractive interface.
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Everything you need to know before you buy EOS

How does EOS operate?

Moreover, it provides a high processing speed due to the introduction of the DPoS algorithm that was introduced for this system. DPoS means that several witnesses or those who own the wallets confirm the operation. All the holders choose these blocks’ producers. The latter are able to buy EOS instantly and then vote.

When the activity is in progress, the system automatically selects the wallet to verify the following fragment. So, we can conclude that there are no competitors inside it. Producers are responsible for giving the network the required computing power, and their activity influences the possibility of a high speed of processing. If their work is not completed within 24 hours, they will be removed from confirming.

For the power, the user receives a reward in coins. Throughout the year, the total amount of them must not be more than 5% of the total amount of issued coins. In addition, there is the possibility to sell RAM or space on the disk as a kind of resource. Moreover, there are possibilities for blocking. Thus, here, one needs to delve deeply into the system and learn a lot about its properties and work to make a profit.

What makes EOS unique from competitors?

Altogether, the EOS platform has the following characteristics:

  • Its scalability is virtually unlimited.
  • The throughput is high; it will reach up to 1,000 operations in the nearest future, and its growth will be then still in progress.
  • The operation can be confirmed in a very brief time – from 0.14 to 0.25 seconds.
  • It is flexible and able to solve technical problems fast; even the theft of coins can be considered instantly.
  • Transaction fees a
  • re absent, but one pays for the allocation of operating memory and space on the disk.

The coin today is still highly competitive and attracts attention all over the world.

How to buy EOS and where to hold It?

There are no problems to buy EOS with debit card instantly if you visit the exchanges and see it among the available options. Actually, you can select any means for purchases as systems try to be as much user-friendly as they can today. The harder option is to find proper storage.

The thing is that the official wallet does not exist, and probably, it is not going to be created in the nearest future. Therefore, everyone has to find a suitable option for themselves. The initial software gives the possibility to get an account and manage funds. To do it properly, one needs to understand all the instructions.

In addition, it is not easy to become an owner of such a tool, and many novice users turn to special services for this. Thus, the variety of opportunities to buy EOS with credit card instantly exists, but do not stop at this stage and think about your further activities related to this unusual coin.

Should I buy EOS with debit card?

Among all other options, this one is discussed a lot among the fans of the existing solutions. Users ask not only how to purchase EOS but also whether it is worth doing it. What are the practical useful consequences of such action?

When you buy EOS online with credit card or by other means, you receive the following benefits:

  • Utilisation of the resources, which is a practical way. When you utilise the computing power, some coins must be under your ownership. When the expiration period ends, they are released and can be disposed of by the owner.
  • Voting. All the holders together according to their shares manage the network, so this is a kind of joint ownership.
  • Taking part in airdrops for related projects. This means a short free distribution of coins inside the network. Therefore, passive income here is always possible.

At last, when you buy EOS with debit card, you cannot help thinking about its prospects. Its success largely depends on the demand. If it grows, and more decentralised applications based on it appear, the coin will not slow down and will give you those results that you count on.

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