EXMO Referral Program

Increase your income on EXMO. Invite your friends and earn real money!
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25% of the commission for referrals' trading operations
40% of the commission for referrals' trading operations with EXM
Unlimited number of referrals

How it works

Register and get your referral link
Invite new users using YOUR REFERRAL LINK.
Every time your referrals trade on the platform, you will receive a percentage of their trading commission
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How many referral links can I create?

You can only create one referral link.

For which actions of my referrals, will I receive rewards?

For each trading operation on EXMO.

In what currency will I receive rewards?

The remuneration amount is calculated and paid in the transaction currency. For example, if your referral bought ETH using the ETH/BTC pair, then your reward will be credited in ETH.

For how long will I receive payments for the trading activities of my referrals?

As long as your referrals perform trading operations, you will receive payments. There are no restrictions.

When will I receive my reward?

The day after your referral's deal has been completed.

How many referrals can I bring onto EXMO?

The number is infinite! Attract the maximum number of users to earn maximum income.

Can the terms of the referral program change?

Yes, the exchange reserves the right to change the terms for calculating remuneration. However, already accrued remunerations always remain unchanged.