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Some Details on ROOBEE Token Listing

The planned date of the trades opening of ROOBEE token on EXMO is Tuesday, August 27, 2 p.m. (UTC). The following trading pairs will be open for making deals: ROOBEE/BTC, ROOBEE/ETH.

As we announced earlier, the peculiarity of this initial exchange offering is simultaneous listing on the exchanges the IEO was held.

Hence, the trades will be open on the same day with Bitforex exchange (August 27). You will be able to trade in the following trading pairs: ROOBEE/BTC, ROOBEE/ETH.   

Deposits and Withdrawals for ROOBEE in EXMO will be available on August 30.


Roobee is a blockchain based investment service which utilizes AI and fully transparent statistics to help people make intelligent investments in digital assets.

Roobee will allow token holders to build an investment portfolio filled with investment products that would typically be inaccessible to ordinary investors. Products like real estate, shares in promising startups, venture and investment funds, IPOs, stock and cryptocurrency market products will be on offer and users can begin by investing just $10 in fiat or crypto!  

Each investment made on the Roobee investment service will be saved on the blockchain and users will have the ability to source genuine and transparent statistics on the composition, historical return, and income as this data is recorded on a blockchain accessible to Roobee users. 

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