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Communication Day with Exmo Leadership

Dear users!

Last weekend we completed the reception of your e-mails addressed to the «Communication Day» with Exmo Leadership.

We are very pleased that you endorsed our idea and did not stay on the sidelines.
First of all, let us thank you for you e-mails! Many of you ideas and suggestions happen to be very interesting and useful and we will be glad to implement them on our platform.

We have received a lot of questions and most of them appeared to be rather extended. We have combined your questions into the groups, so that everyone could get a direct answer to the question or comment on the suggestion.

Well, here are your questions and comments form top managers of Exmo Team:

1) My suggestion is to add Neteller and Skrill payment systems.

Comment: We have already signed contracts with both these payments systems. Neteller payment system will be added this month, Skrill is planned to be added next month.

2) Will there be an opportunity to deposit USD and RUB from PayPal or Webmoney?

Comment: Due to the high risk of fraud in these payment systems, we have to give up on using them for the payments acceptance.

3) I would like you to add a function that disables “autoscroll” in chat and in the order books.

Comment: In the upper right corner of the chat box there is a lock that disables autoscroll. In the order book and in the trades history there also will be a chance to disable this automatic option – we are going to implement it this month

4) Could you extend an option to review the login history? Security history displays only those login attempts that already have sms-code for verification entered.

Comment: If you have TOTP authorization installed, your attempt to login with incorrect password is immediately displayed in the login history. We have checked this one more time after receiving your e-mail =)

5) I would like chart to be more functional, so that it can be moved and zoomed.

Comment: Current trading chart most likely will remain unchanged, however, we are planning to work on our own terminal that will have more informative chart. Approximately the work on the terminal will be started in 1,5-2 months.

6) Suggestion: Sound notification on price up or price down, set up notification manually for opening or closing transaction.

Comment: We will consider the implementation of this option on the website or terminal in the future. At the moment we are not ready to give you a valid answer.

7) I have a suggestion to add a sound signal for the incoming message in the internal e-mail, because when clicking through the other tabs, it is impossible to notice when the new message is received. I think it would be handy for everyone!

Comment: That’s an interesting idea=) We will include it in one of our upcoming releases. Thank you for the recommendation!

8) I suggest adding the function of price adjustment for the orders placed. In this case there will be no need to delete the placed order to adjust desirable price and then place it again.

Comment: Adjustment of order will request to cancel it and then to create a new one anyway, that is how the trading platform works. Automation of this process is actually possible, but it is not that easy to integrate it. We are planning to create our own trading terminal and possibly we will be able to implement this idea there. Anyway we will think about it.

9) I would like to have an opportunity to create a pending order for opening and closing of transactions.

Comment: Could you please specify what do you mean? There are many types of orders and all traders understand it differently. We are waiting for your reply =)

10) I would like to have an option to create a report on income and outcome of the funds in different wallets with an opportunity to select the period.

Comment: Export of deposit-withdrawal history is already included in our upcoming release. Approximately it will be in the beginning of next month ;)

11) For some reason now I have to relogin when my IP changes. My IP is dynamic and every time I turn on my computer I have to login again.

Comment: Yes, such an issue exists, but it is not critical. First, the website records all IPs of user’s logins. Also user will not be logged out anymore if one of the IPs that he already logged in with changes. Second, in the latest update less than a week ago we have made changes to IP verification – now it is verified not entirely, but only by first three numbers. In this way the number of logouts will be notably reduced.

12) Suggestions: to make a form to change the binding of e-mail address, so that it can be changed for the purpose of safety.

Comment: In the context of users’ identification and security, changing of e-mail on the contrary is very insecure functional. If it is extremely needed, user needs to contact support and they will change e-mail address.

13) I would really like you to add ETH (Ether, ethereum) cryptocurrencies.

Comment: We noticed the interest for this instrument and decided to add eth/btc pair in the nearest time =)

14) Add animated icons in the exchange chat likewise in any other manager.

Comment: Honestly speaking, we haven’t thought about it. Thank you for the idea! We will think about it=)

15) I would also like to have an opportunity to sell short…to be able to go bear, not only just bull.

Comment: All of this can be realized in composite orders and is called short. We are already working on it =)

16) Hello! Is it possible to create on your website something like interest bearing deposit (rubles, dollars, bitcoins, etc.)?

Comment: You can and you should =) We can’t tell you the exact date yet, but we can say for sure that such an opportunity will be available for Exmo users in a short time.

17) I suggest to add DOGE/LTC currency pair, that would be very cool!

Comment: Unfortunately, demand for this pair is low, that is why we are not planning to add it.

18) I would really like you to add DASH cryptocurrency.

Comment: We made a decision to add dash/btc pair to our platform. Coming soon=)

19) Is there margin trading system in the planning stage?

Comment: We have it in our plans; moreover we are already working on it. Margin system will be implemented along with the composite orders.

20) I would really like to have a good app. Very often I have to open the exchange from my phone, and it is uncomfortable to trade through webform.

Comment: Recently our exchange has been added to the TabTrade app. We are going to develop our own app, but first we need to implement margin lending and composite orders. Approximately the work on the mobile app will be started in around 3 months.

21) I would like you to create the cloud mining.

Comment: Thank you for your e-mail! Cloud mining – is an entirely different field. That is why we will not implement it on our platform.

22) I would like to have an opportunity to place stop loss and take profit.

Comment: In our short-term plans – implementation of composite orders to the exchange, it will allow you to have these functions.

23) Start selling promotional metal cryptocoins and promotional paper cryptonotes as well.

Comment: Thank you for the interesting idea! It should be understood, that promotional products is not our business profile, that’s why it is hardly possible that we will do this.

24) Suggestion to add option to highlight buy orders and sell orders placed.

Comment: Highlighting of your own orders is technically hard to implement. We do not see the easy solution, that would not screw up or slow down the order book updates yet, but we will try to come up with something.

25) I would like to ask you about Metatrader 4 or 5.

Comment: Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, using of MT4 terminal is not an easy task, and it can be realized only after implementation of composite orders on the exchange. In this regard it is hard to estimate the deadlines for the realization of your suggestion.

26) Traditional color for the exchange is green. Change the color.

Comment: We are not planning to change the design of our platform for now. Thank you for the suggestion. We will keep it in mind = )

27) I would like to see HUC and NMC on your platform.

Comment: In a short time top managers of our company are going to consider the adding of new cryptocurrencies on our exchange, but HUC and NMC currencies was already declined in the discussion process.

28) Suggestion to allow the links in the chat on youtube.

Comment: Thank you for your suggestion, but we are not planning to add this option, because it can result in spam in the chat.

29) It would be great, if user could receive SMS when the operation of buying or selling is performed.

Comment: We will consider your suggestion in the context of reasonability and effectiveness for trading.

30) Do you have an idea to add the following option to the referral program for currency exchange: I receive percentage from the exchange + percentage for you

Comment: All transactions through exchange functional in the wallet are based on exchange orders and are counted accordingly by referral program system.

31) I would like price chart to be actually pegged to the prices in the order books, so that it reflects the price in real-time mode.

Comment: We are planning to work on our own trading terminal that will have more detailed charts and also tools for technical analysis.

32) Will there be a withdrawal to PayPay?

Comment: In a short time functioning of gateway to withdraw funds to Paypay payment system will be restored.

33) Why don’t you add the pair RUB/EUR?

Comment: Thank you for suggestion! We are not planning to add this currency pair because we don’t see sufficient demand for it.

34) I have a suggestion to add an option to communicate with your referrals.

Comment: Thank you for suggestion! To keep privacy and composure of our clients is one of the top priority tasks for us, that’s why we are not planning to implement this function.

Dear users, we would like to thank you one more time for your e-mails with suggestions and interesting ideas! Keep sending it to [email protected].

Thank you for being with us!
Exmo Team