Special offer on ruble (RUB) withdrawals

Withdrawals in RUB via Qiwi wallet on EXMO...EXMO has integrated Rapid Transfer for depositing in EUR…

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Special offer on ruble (RUB) withdrawals


EXMO cryptocurrency platform is increasing the number of instruments to withdraw funds in RUB via Qiwi payment system. The minimum withdrawal amount is less than 1000 rubles.

Since now the platform’s users are capable to withdraw funds to Qiwi electronic wallets on the following terms,

- minimum withdrawal amount <1000 rubles, 3% fee;
- minimum withdrawal amount >1000 rubles, 2% fee.

View “Finance” page as well as “Fees & Limits” page to check out the detailed information on the available payment systems and fees.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has also integrated a specific instrument for online-payments - Rapid Transfer for euro (EUR) depositing.

Please, keep in mind that lately we have added Skrill with Rapid Transfer availability and Visa/MasterCard payment systems to deposit in dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN).

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