The EXMO Coin Crowdsale Launch Date Postponed Until September

EXMO cryptocurrency platform informs that the EXMO Coin (EXO) Crowdsale launch date postponed until September 2018…

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The EXMO Coin Crowdsale Launch Date Postponed Until September


Dear community,

Over the past five months the whole EXMO team has been working tirelessly to make EXMO Coin crowdsale as lucrative and safe for its investors as possible. We came a long and interesting path while planning it, participated in 10 conferences, held over 200 meetings and negotiations with our potential investors.

We are ready to provide investors, customers and partners with the best investment conditions. Nevertheless, the unpredictable and drastic changes to the regulations in the cryptocurrency field make us, as pragmatists, move the EXMO Coin crowdsale launch date to September 10, 2018.

We firmly decided that we are not going to start distributing EXMO Coin tokens until we are 100% sure about the full legal safety for our token holders. The EXMO team is not willing to follow the way of other ICO projects that omit taking into account all of the possible risks that their investors might face or get in trouble with regulating authorities.

For more than five years already, the EXMO team has always prioritized the users' safety when it comes to the business operations. The ongoing situation is not an exception. Without any doubt on our side, we are ready to give up the immediate gains of EXMO for ensuring the maximum safety for our investors. As the cryptocurrency market veterans we prioritize and cherish the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.

“Now the market situation is changing very quickly,” says Ivan Petukhovsky, one of the EXMO founders. “Being experienced entrepreneurs we acknowledge that any drastic changes on the market may bear some serious risks for investors. Taking that our priority is the trust built between us and our clients over the years of EXMO existence, we are en route to continue building up on the established credit and ensuring maximum benefits for our customers.”

By the start of the crowdsale, margin lending will be operating on the EXMO platform for several months already. Based on this, we will be able to perform public audit of both the service itself, as well as the investor payment model. This will showcase the model profitability for all the EXMO Coin holders.

For the next two months we will mostly focus on close collaboration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), consultation with the European Securities Committee, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as well as the Japanese Financial Services Agency. Moreover, we will continue with receiving financial licenses needed for meeting the new requirements of a number of countries, and ensuring the maximum legal protection of our investors.

The EXMO Coin crowdsale logic of will undergo some minor changes, though this will only enhance the investment attractiveness. All the prior arrangements with the interested investors remain in effect.

More information on the changes to the crowdsale will be available in the upcoming announcements.

For the most recent details on our project refer to the official EXMO Coin channels: the EXMO Coin newsletter, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

In case of any questions about the crowdsale do get in touch directly, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for staying with us!
Your respectfully, EXMO team