How to Buy EXMO Coin With the Maximum Discount?

Dear users, we remind you that the only chance to buy EXMO Coin with the maximum 15% discount is to take part in a Closed Pre-Sale round, which will last till the 28 July inclusively. 

Every day we receive numerous applications for purchase and lots of questions. So we’ve decided to create a Q&A for the most common issues on Pre-Sale Round. 

  • The minimum investment - 1 BTC. 
  • The Pre-Sale round takes place ONLY on the EXMO platform: EXM tokens will be credited to your exchange's account after signing the contract. No money transfers are needed, just make sure that your account has a sufficient amount in BTC.
  • EXMO Coins will be transferred to your exchange account within three days after signing the Agreement. This and only this document is the basis for purchase.
  • Create an ERC-20 Wallet to have the ability to accept your EXMO Coin.The detailed information is outlined here.

The Sale Stages

  1. After applying for participation in the EXM Pre-Sale, you will get a letter with an Agreement and detailed instructions on the process of buying EXMO Coin immediately after the first one. If you have no questions left, just fill out the documents. If there are any questions, please ask us in the Social Media or wait for the call of our manager.

  2. Our VIP-managers will get in touch during the one working day after your application to Buy EXMO Coin. We are contacting you in Telegram or calling from the British number (code: +44), and for sure the call is free of charge. EXMO numbers:

  • +442080896982

  • +447441900218

  • +442080682555

  • +442038681150

Please, be patient: EXMO team never asks to credit funds to any wallets or accounts. 

The funds will be charged from your exchange account within 3 days after signing the contract. 

  1. Print The Agreement and fill it in. Please, note your:

  • Passport or ID details (p.1,p.23);

  • EXM token amount you would like to purchase (p.6);

  • Contact information (p.19);

  • EXMO Login (p.23);

  • Е-mail, connected to your EXMO-account (p. 19, p. 24);

  • Generated ERC-20 Wallet (p,7, p.24). Follow the link to see instruction.

  1. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] with an attached scanned copy or a good quality photo of the signed agreement.

  2. In case your EXMO account is not verified, please attach a photo or a scan of your passport to the letter with the contract, as well as a selfie with the passport opened on the photo page. This is necessary to make sure that you are the right person who owns the account and does not mean automatic account verification.

  3. Make sure that BTC amount in your EXMO Wallet is enough to buy EXM-tokens. If the amount is less than minimum Deposit funds in Bitcoins.

  4. While signing the documents you automatically agree that within three working days, your EXMO exchange account will be charged and the purchased EXMO Coin will be credited to your account.

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You can find useful information about cryptocurrencies and exchange trading on EXMO’s YouTube channel and in EXMO Blog.

Thank you for choosing us!

Best regards, EXMO team