Cross-chain deposit means valid depositing of one cryptocurrency to the address of another cryptocurrency in blockchain

Recovery of cross-chain deposits is a very dangerous and time-consuming process. Not all deposits may be recovered, and the level of complexity, risk and time frames depend both on the type of currency and the address used for the deposit.

Having taken into consideration all factors the EXMO team has developed the following fee structure of a cross-chain deposit recovery:

ЕХМО will recover only those cross-chain deposits that exceed 250,00 USD at the moment of transaction within a 30 banking day period. The User incures a 10% fee (minimum 100,00 USD, maximum 500,00 USD) for the recovery. In order to enable the recovery process, the User has to replenish his/her account with above mentioned amount. After the successful replenishment, the EXMO support and finance departments take steps required for the deposit recovery. The fee will be written off from the User’s account in case of the successful transaction.

Users should recall the described difficulties of the cross-chain recovery process and take into consideration a significant number of deposits mistakenly sent to the wrong address. The EXMO team dedicates its best efforts to resolve the issue within the shortest time frames. Thus, we ask you to be patient.

Attention: ЕХМО will not recover coins and tokens which are not listed and supported by the EXMO platform.