EXMO haberleri

Updated platform Exmo

Dear Users!

We are pleased to introduce to you a number of convenient and useful innovations:

1) We have optimized our platform to reduce the execution time of orders and significantly increase the overall speed of trading.

2) Our API is again available for everyone.
You can find all the necessary information here at: https://exmo.com/api_doc#/public_api
Note: for a few types of API, activation is required, which is accessible through support

3) Audible signals are now heard during the execution of an order regardless of which currency pair you have enabled. (Thanks for this idea to user: psyx80)

4) Now, after the completion for your orders, you will receive a chat message from a user 'system' with details about the order. After refreshing the page, these messages will be deleted. (Thanks for this idea to user: lerner77)
To Enable this feature, click the Sound Button in the chat.

5) In the "Wallet" tab, the "Exchange" function is once again available, with which you can quickly exchange your cryptocurrency, without making orders on the platform.

6) The referral program is once again available to you. All accruals during the period from 23.09 to 28.09, were credited to the users accounts.

Dear Users.
We carefully review all of your suggestions. We appreciate your feedback. If you have an interesting idea or request, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised from our updates. We will not stop here with this achievement, we will continue to work on the creation of a reliable, simple and convenient daily service!

If you have any questions, our support team will gladly help, whenever it's convenient for you.

Thank You for being with us!

The Exmo Team!