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The Results of The Summer Contest on EXMO - $1400

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange announces the winners of the “Summer Contest”, which took place June 13-20 2019.  

Rewards will be added to your trading account on EXMO till June 27, 2019*. The total prize fund ($1400) was distributed between participants in 4 groups according to their activity points: 

I Group -  The Lucky 10 get $50 prize. 

I Group (75 - 100 points)
p0***in An***tt Va***ru Wo***ne ta***83
se***in De***ou mi***ru ca***an Ol***ap

II Group - The Lucky 20 get $20 prize.

II Group (40 - 70 points)
PI***ZZ St***uk b0***ts ze***om nu***37
ya***om Mi***at ER***AK vi***et po***ex
ML***LM pi***ua za***ik Zl***ll ma***an
Po***47 or***or De***at GF***BQ sa***ru

III Group - The Lucky 30 get $10 prize.

III Group (25 - 35 points)
Ал***ко Ан*** М Вл***ов to***us vi***ik
Vo***ko Ви***ин ht***er st***ed La***r0
Ха***ол Yu***go Се***ов Ва***ий si***zi
Ру***ан Vi***ev ca***ax Ив***ов
De***ov ПО***ИН Се***ов ta***15

IV Group - The Lucky 40 get $5 prize.

IV Group (5 - 20 points)
ev***om Ye***es Во***ва Ви***ий Се***ов
На***ва Ge***y7 af***92 Li***ty Vi***rm
dd***er My***pe Sa***il pi***ke Ko***tc
Ма***ый ht***78 Иг***ов

Pl***8D ar***ld @m***45

In the groups 3 and 4 the number of participants meeting the conditions of competition was less than the organizers hoped for. Thus all the participants from those groups are declared winners by default.

Sincere congratulations from the EXMO team! 

*Providing the fact that the correct login was sent to the EXMO team. Organizers will contact winners via e-mail or social networks.  All the winners will be additionally informed that the prizes have been granted.

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Best regards, EXMO team