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Bitcoin community meeting in Barcelona

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On March, 24 Bitcoin community meeting has been held in Barcelona, the speaker was Andreas Antonopoulus – well-known cryptocurrency expert, co-host of Let’s talk Bitcoin podcast and author of “Mastering Bitcoin” book.

Report addressed the topics of government regulation, fraud in the cryptocurrencies sphere, technological constraints and possible solutions.

Speaker has shared his opinion that bitcoin is not under the threat of measures assumed by the authorities. Moreover, these measures are not only ineffective, but also adverse for the country that accepts it. Bitcoin is useful. It does what no other currency can do. Unlikely there is something capable to devaluate bitcoin. As long as it works and is used, it will stay alive.

Andreas Antonopoulus: “Bitcoin is not a small change and not a payment network. It is one of the fundamental transformations of the core nature of money. It cannot be controlled and centralized to make the mass acceptance easier.”

More than 100 listeners were present at the event, including Exmo team, representatives of financial and banking institutions. Participants concurred that it is necessary and it is the time to take Blockchain technology to the whole new level, and one of the next conferences will be devoted to how to make it happen.

Andreas Antonopoulus official website: antonopoulos.com
Bitcoin community in Barcelona: meetup.com/bitcoin-barcelona

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