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Platform Updates.

Dear users!

We have excellent news for you!

We are glad to inform you that new currency pairs DASH/BTC and ETH/BTC have been added to Exmo platform.

Let’s get to know these currencies better.

Dash (DASH) is a private cryptocurrency with open source code.

Dash allows making instant and unlimited payments, while remaining the same financial anonymity as the payments in cash.

What makes Dash unique decentralized digital currency? Dash has a number of fundamental differences, which makes it leading digital currency:

  • Privacy (by means of Darksend technology)

  • Fast operation (be means of InstantX technology)

  • Security

  • Low commissions

  • Decentralization

  • Unlimitedness

Link to the official forum: https://dashtalk.org/forums
Official website: https://www.dash.org

Ether (ETH) is a cryptocurrency of Ethereum project – next generation cryptoplatform for creating smart-contracts and decentralized applications.

Etherium cryptocurrency (so called “Ether”) is not the means of payments for products or services at all, and it is in no way a “cryptogold”. Ether is rather a supporting “cryptofuel” that is used as user’s payment for execution of business logic of smart-contracts.

Novelty of Ether is that you pay for business logic execution on blockchain. These are cloud micropayments which realize the analogous level from traditional stack of cloud platforms.

Etherium blockchain supports complete programming tools and is more economically efficient.

ETH features:

  • Programming convenience

  • Scalability

  • Updatability

  • Transactions manageability

  • Transparency

  • Availability

  • Security

  • Fast operation

  • Low price

  • Extensibility

Link to official forum: http://forum.ethereum.org/
Official website: ethereum.org

Thank you for being with us!
Exmo Team