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Cashback: How to Trade with a Minimum Commission on EXMO

You know exactly what cashback is. And today we’ll tell you more about cashback on our exchange.

EXMO Cashback

Cashback on the EXMO exchange is a refund of the commission paid for trades. It works automatically:

  • When the order closes, the amount of the commission return is calculated, which is paid to the trader. The amount of the cashback is calculated daily based on the Taker and Maker rates corresponding to the trading volume.

The sum is calculated and paid in the currency of the trade. For example:

  • For the ETH/BTC pair, the cashback will be repaid in ETH for the buyer and BTC for the seller.

Using cashback, your return can be up to 70% of the commission. We developed 14 levels that correspond to a specific trading volume. To conveniently track your level, we added a special widget on the trading page. 

How to calculate your cashback

Let’s assume you placed a limit order for sale in the ETH/BTC currency pair for a sum equivalent to 100 000 USD. The EXMO commission on the trade is 0.2%. 

100 000 USD * 0.2% = 200 USD

The exchange commission of 200 USD is charged in the currency of the trade - in our case, BTC. So, the commission of 200 USD will be deducted in BTC. Now let’s assume that the volume of trades made by the trader over the past 30 days exceeds 7 500 000 USD. Based on the payment ranking scale, this equates to a Cashback rate of 50%, which means 50% of the commission will be refunded to the trader. 

200 USD * 50% = 100 USD

Ultimately, the user will receive a cashback refund equivalent to 100 USD in ETH with the payment made on the day after the completion of the trade.

How to increase cashback?

With EXMO Coin. Buy Cashback Premium and save even more on the trades: up to 50% or more. There are 4 EXMO Coin packages: Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium.

The details are on the cashback page.


Have a profitable trading experience on EXMO!