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EXMO Сryptocurrency Platform Will Focus on Transparency

There is a common opinion among the skeptics in the cryptocurrency industry, that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often used for illegal activities. We are representatives of an infancy industry and we feel responsible for the “vector of development” and the image of the industry in general.

That is why our main goal is to conduct a series of operations to clear the exchange's field from shadow operations.

Key Steps to Transparency

#1: AML 

We have already launched services to track transaction flows and compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. Starting from September 2019, we’ve started using the “CipherTrace” service, popular in the financial industry. This product is used to assess the risk of wallets from which deposits are made and wallets to which conclusions go. After an appropriate assessment, we decide whether to close accounts that were noticed in violation of AML rules. More details about the “CipherTrace” service are outlined here

#2: User Verification

One more important step on the way to transparency is the mandatory user verification starting from the end of January 2020. This event is related to the entry into force of the Fifth Directive Anti Money Laundering (5AMLD) in January 2020.

Like other major market players, we intend to comply with the requirements of applicable laws. We understand that this process can raise a number of issues related to data privacy among users, and we take all the possible measures to maintain the strict security of information received during verification as part of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All personal information of users is encrypted.

#3: Delisting of all the anonymous coins

Lately, we’ve seen that many cryptocurrency platforms have delisted anonymous cryptocurrencies. EXMO won’t be an exception - we, like our colleagues, believe that the transactions of these coins can be used in money laundering. Therefore, we will follow the market standards, which will ensure our client’s legal security and ease of use of the exchange with the participation of a friendly banking system and the availability of payment operators.

#4: Bank Licenses

At the moment, unfortunately, there is no proven practice of regulating the cryptocurrency industry. Now legislative projects for the regulation of cryptocurrencies are at the stage of formation or adoption in many countries.

Today, to conduct exchange activities in the UK (where EXMO is registered), a mandatory license is not required. But we are actively working to obtain licenses in the jurisdictions where they already exist. We have already submitted an application for a license in Estonia and started the registration process as an MSB company (Money Service Business) in FinCen for 10 states of the USA.

According to our estimates, these measures will get the exchange to the level of service.