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EXMO Partners With CryptoMood - The Advanced Service For Сryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Artificial intelligence is present in many areas of our lives and cryptocurrency industry is not an exception. Today, the information field about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and related industries is overloaded with gigabytes of information. Every article or comment might have an impact on daily profits and, in an ideal world, needs to be analysed. This large stream of data is valuable because it shows market sentiment and can be used to understand and predict what the markets might do in the upcoming hours or days.

The problem is next - these crucial trading indicators are jumbled together without a coherent structure and are updated randomly and at great speed. Complete and systematic analysis is impossible for the human brain, therefore, both beginners and experienced traders have to spend a considerable amount of energy studying news, articles and signals.

Fortunately, there are companies who understand the value of a trader’s time by offering outstanding solutions to optimize information research on the network. The CryptoMood project is an example, it provides users with a unique opportunity -  consolidate relevant information and market trends with the help of artificial intelligence.

EXMO Сryptocurrency Platform announces a partnership with CryptoMood, a leading provider of cryptocurrency market data analysis.

“CryptoMood service is intended for traders and investors who spend lots of time and effort studying news, articles and opinions on various e-sources. The product monitors news feeds from more than 50,000 sites, major social networks, and trading terminals”, - noted Amir Mamaghani, the CryptoMood CEO.

How does CryptoMood work? 

The methods CryptoMood uses to aggregate, group and rank market data are the result of many years of research and development by top experts in AI, machine learning and natural language processing.

Based on thousands of data sources our scientific models use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to provide the heavy lifting for cryptocurrency market data analysis.

Using special CryptoMood terminal traders have the ability to receive the latest news on any cryptocurrency in real-time mode.

Thanks to the partnership with CryptoMood, EXMO users can already optimize their time spent for signal search, coins technical analysis and cryptocurrency news.  The next step is the launch of the service on the platform. Stay tuned!

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