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The updated information about EXMO and ZigZag joint Trading Competition. The Final Results of the Contest

The 1st  places during all 10 days (for I and II competitions) were taken by different participants, which does not suite the rules. So, we decided to extend the competition for 3 days more in order to choose the winners for MacBook Air and iPad. Starting from 5 p.m. UTC, 9 October, till 5 p.m. UTC 12 October. You still have chance to take part! All participants, who take 1st place at least twice will receive valuable prizes.

BOSE headphones found a lucky winner via random.org service. The prize goes to - Ad*****ru. Congratulations from the EXMO team!

UPD. MacBook Air and iPad do not go to any winners, unfortunately none of the participants took first place 2 times.

Trading operations for the ZAG token would be available starting from 3 p.m. UTC, September 27. To celebrate this event properly we have decided to make a joint contest with a ZigZag team. The main prizes are the MacBook Air, iPad and BOSE headphones, as well as cash prizes (worth $ 3,000).

The competition will last for 10 days from September 27 until October 7 (inclusively) and will be divided into three parts with the main prize in each draw.

Start: 27.09 at 5 p.m UTC

End: 7.10.2019 at 20:00 5 p.m UTC

Trading Pair: ZAG/BTC

Please, install Paytomat Wallet (iOS / Android app) to Withdraw funds.

How can I get the prize*?

I Contest - “Buy&Hold”: 

The main prize - MacBook Air 13 128 Gb

The amount of purchased and remaining ZAG tokens in users' personal wallets will be recorded daily. Please note that tokens sold during the contest won't be considered.

Every day 5 cash prizes will be divided among participants with the largest number of ZAG tokens (at the time of counting).

1st place - $50 

2nd place - $25

3rd place - $10

4th place - $10

5th place- $10

The winner of the MacBook Air 13 128 Gb will be chosen on the last day of the competition, the prize will go to the participant who took first place in the competition (all 10 days) the greatest number of times.

Extra Round Results

II Contest - The Trading volume competition: 

The main prize - iPad Air 10.5 64 Gb

ZAG trading volume (number of purchased + number of sold ZAG tokens). Every day 5 participants with the largest trading volume would get cash prizes.

1st place - $50

2nd place - $25

3rd place - $10 

4th pace - $10

5th place - $10

The winner of the iPad Air 10.5 64 Gb will be chosen on the last day of the competition, the prize will go to the participant who took first place in the competition (all 10 days) the greatest number of times.

The first results of the competition

III Contest is for the lucky ones:

The main prize - BOSE headphones

8 cash prizes will be randomly given every day to the participants who bought ZAG tokens for an amount of at least $100.

1st place - $25

2nd place - $25

3rd place - $25

4th place - $10

5th place - $10

6th place - $10

7th place - $10

8th place - $10

And the main prize is BOSE headphones - the lucky winner will be determined on the last day of the competition among the winners of the previous days. All winners of this competition would be chosen via the random.org service.

*The prizes appearance and models may differ from the images

Extra Round Results

How to participate?

  1. Complete the verification on EXMO
  2. Enable Google or SMS 2FA.
  3. Contact the administrators of EXMO Telegram chat to get the prize after the announcement of the results (no later than 3 days)**. Indicate your address for sending the prize, full name, and telephone number.
  4. To ensure fair play during this contest, participants with any fraudulent behavior, including (not only) self-trading, trading between accounts and contractual trading, will be immediately disqualified.

** All requests received after this period will not be considered.

The winners list for the previous day will be announced daily, and the list of winners for the weekends will be represented on Monday.

We wish you good luck!

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