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A contest for $1400. Get ready for stop-orders! The results of contest

As we approach the launch of the stop orders on EXMO, we announce a new contest! The total prize is $1400.  

Starting from 19th till 29th September (inclusively), a new competition will be held on the EXMO platform. The $1400  prize will be divided between participants who will fulfill the conditions of the competition.

To participate and receive activity points, users  must complete the following conditions:

  1. Сreate an account on exmo.com (Sign In if you already have one), complete 10 transactions at least (40 points)*.
  2. Enable 2FA option in your Personal Account (5 points).
  3. Subscribe to the EXMO's Social Media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Medium (5 points per each).
  4. Follow the official  EXMO Telegram channel (10 points).
  5. Subscribe to the official EXMO YouTube channel (15 points).
  6. Repost the info about the contest on Facebook or VKontakte (15 points).
  7. Fill out the form**.

*The transactions should be oсcured during the contest time (19-29 September)

**Only those users, who filled in all the form’s fields correctly will take part, all the other results would be annulled

Don’t miss the luck: The more points you get, the greater the gain!

The prize pool of $ 1400 will be divided among 100 most active participants*:

  • I Group - 10 winners get $50* prize (75 - 100 points); 
  • II Group - 20 winners get $20* prize (40 - 70 points);
  • III Group - 30 winners get $10* prize (25 - 35 points);
  • IV Group - 40 winners get $5* prize (5 - 20 points).

*Prize amount for each winner of the group

The winners of the contest will be selected via Randomizer among all the participants who completed the rules of the contest.


The list of the winners will be announced no later than October 2, 2019. Prizes will be credited to the exchange’s accounts of those, who won - no later than October 5, 2019 (in case of indicated the right username when filling out the Google Form).

Winners who skipped indicating their EXMO logins when filling form should contact the EXMO Telegram chat administrators during 5 days after the announcement of the results. All requests received after this period would not be taken into account.

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You can find useful information about cryptocurrencies and exchange trading on EXMO’s YouTube channel and in EXMO Blog.
Wish you good luck and thank you for being with us!

Best regards, EXMO team