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The Results of The EXMO & Paytomat Joint Contest. The Winners Are Selected!

EXMO cryptocurrency platform and the Paytomat team are happy to announce the winners of the joint contest.  

According to the rules, the participants who traded the highest amount in all currency pairs with PTI from August 6 to 20, 2019 (inclusively) will receive iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and Airpods .

And today we are ready to share the results:

  • iPhone X

The main prize goes to the participant, who’ve bought the highest PTI amount (in pairs with any currencies) during the contest dates. We remind you that tokens should have been kept within the EXMO wallet till the end of the contest.

Place Login on EXMO Buying Volume, PTI
1 h**********2
2 571 845,71
2 t********s
2 164 789,53
3 x***3
965 599,96
4 h******w
835 623,74
5 U*********g
159 301,85
6 v*****6
146 000
7 n*******y
129 257,58
8 G*****1
113 735,03
9 P**********8
112 333,19
10 v******d
73 000
  • Apple Watch Series 3

The smartwatch goes to the participant, who had the highest trading turnover in any cross pairs with PTI during the contest dates.

Place Login on EXMO Trading Volume, PTI
1 b******c
4 857 512,73
2 S*****8
3 719 565,08
3 h**********2
3 529 231,73
4 t********s
2 164 789,53
5 v******n
1 893 209,03
6 S****P
1 800 669,86
7 a******k
1 162 606,54
8 M********j
1 135 571,19
9 D**********a
1 000 000
  • Apple AirPods

AirPods go to the participant, who traded with not less than 10000 PTI turnover. The winner was chosen via the random.org service. The winner`s login is S******4

About the Paytomat

Paytomat is an infrastructure platform enabling to use cryptocurrencies in  everyday life. A set of Paytomat solutions opens the possibilities of the decentralized world to the wide masses, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. 

Any existing business using Poster POS will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency by installing a simple plugin (the list will be expanded for user convenience). It also has the opportunity to receive local currency in the user’s bank account.

Paytomat wallet supports the most popular cryptocurrencies, ERC20, EOS tokens and NEM Mosaic. Using the mQR (merchant QR) function, it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency directly from an app.

Paytomat wallet supports 12 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, NEM, EOS, ZCoin, Horizen (formerly ZenCash), Bitcore (BTX), Bitcoin Diamond and TRON. Moreover, the wallet has latest built-in security features and doesn’t keep any private keys of it’s users. 

We remind you on the PTI IEO on the EXMO platform, April 1, the coins were bought out in 99 seconds. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Thank you for staying with us!

Best regards, EXMO team