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Get Verified in One Click: EXMO Integrates The Telegram Passport Option

EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform Announces the implementation of the Telegram Passport Verification.

EXMO integrates Telegram Passport with the identity verification support KYC from Sumsub. Using the Telegram Passport users can register in any service that requests ID data for verification with only one touch. It also allows to save passport information and other documents to Telegram while the service itself won't have access to the data — they will be encrypted on the user's device.

EXMO team is constantly working on optimizing the KYC process. Today we are happy to announce the opportunity to verify users via Telegram Passport. We are sure that many not verified platform's customers will appreciate this new easy and safe option”, - Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform noted.

Users of the platform can already try the Telegram Passport option in the Account Verification section.

About the Telegram Passport

Telegram Passport is a Telegram option for registration at any services that request your ID data. It allows customers to give the information once for its further use while registering on other websites.

The Telegram Passport service uses end-to-end encryption, which ensures the security of personal information. Also, Telegram does not have access to personal information without permission, so the client can be sure that the program is completely confidential in use.

About Sumsub

Sumsub is one answer to all onboarding and compliance challenges. 

Sumsub AI-based solution: 

  • automates identity verification;
  • guarantees protection against fraud; 
  • provides bank-level KYC (including STO); 
  • complies with KYB, KYT, AML policy; 
  • reliably stores customer data under protection. 

All the above facts along with the legal expertise make Sumsub one of the leading players in the cryptocurrency market. The company was founded in London (UK) in 2015. 

We remind you that EXMO team Partnered with Sumsub — leaders in the compliance and automation of user verification, in July 2019. 

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