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Changes in EX-CODE Generation Policy: Personalized Codes Option

Starting from 30 April 2019, EXMO cryptocurrency platform introduces changes in the operation of EX-CODE.

Users will be able to create personalized codes that can be activated only by the client and the party to whom it is addressed to. Thus, we prevent possible fraud  actions if the code hits a third party.

How to create a personalized EX-CODE?

  1. Go to the “Wallet” section
  2. Choose “Withdraw” near the EX-CODE
  3. Fill in the recipient's EX-CODE login in the “Login”* field.

*An optional field; Fill it only if you plan to send the code to the second party.

We also remind you that EXMO starts taking a commission for creating EX-CODE in fiat currencies: USD, EUR, PLN, TRY, UAH, RUB.  All the other operations with EX-CODE remain without any fees.

The commission for the EX-CODE generation in fiat currencies will be:

  • 0.2% - up to 2 operations per day;
  • 0.6% - for 3 or more operations per day.

If the form is filled in, the system enables a limit, which allows activating the code in the account of the creator of EX-CODE, or its recipient both.  Any other person won’t be able to activate this EX-CODE.  The functionality of generating a personalized EX-CODE is also available when creating an EX-CODE by API.

Please, pay attention:

  • The “Commission” field is added for creating EX-CODEs using API, commission for EX-CODE generation will be indicated there;
  • From now, EX-CODE deposits will work the same way as the payments via the provider, but with a slight delay;
  • Cryptocurrency EX-CODE’s assets are still without any commissions - their movement between accounts remains free.

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