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Get a Free EOS Account + PTI and HB Token Airdrop

April 1, 2019 EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange holds an Initial Exchange Offering of PTI (Paytomat) token and adds on a possibility to list EOS-tokens.

Storage and transferring of EOS-tokens requires an EOS-account (the cost of its creating is about $2). Together with Paytomat we offer a free promo code to create an EOS-account.

Airdrop starts: 2019/03/26/

Airdrop ends: 2019/04/01 

To get a free promo code, please, do the following:

  1. Register on EXMO

  2. Download Paytomat Wallet for IOS or Android 

  3. Drop us a line to the [email protected] (EOScode in the subject field) and  specify the mail or login you are registered with on EXMO

  4. Get your free promo code (it arrives till April 1 to your e-mail).

On top of that on the April 2 you will find a few pleasant surprises:

  • first 100 participants will get 500 HB (HeartBout) tokens to their EXMO account

  • all the participants who opened EOS-account get 250 PTI to their Paytomat Wallet. 

About Paytomat

Paytomat is an infrastructure platform enabling to use cryptocurrencies in the yday life. A set of Paytomat solutions opens the possibilities of the decentralized world to the wide masses, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. 

About HeartBout (HB): 

HeartBout is a social network based on blockchain technology with a decentralized system to encourage user activity. The social network HeartBout was designed to convert the time spent on the network into income for its users, where they make a profit for their activity in the form of the HB token. 

The HeartBout token (HB) is a fundamental token of the HeartBout social network. The HB token is designed to encourage the HeartBout social network users` activity and is also directly linked to its advertising opportunities, namely, allows you to pay for advertising impressions.

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