Update on EOS Token Swap

Update on EOS Token Swap...EOS continues to test the Mainnet...

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Update on EOS Token Swap


Dear community,

Cryptocurrency Platform EXMO supported EOS Token Swap and handled all technical requirements involved for completing the registration.

Nevertheless, EOS continues to test the Mainnet: the company and third parties verify that the tokens have been loaded according to the snapshot file and that the software performs well.

So EXMO platform extends the termination on withdrawals and deposits of EOS. Please, do not deposit EOS: EXMO can not guarantee that assets will be credited.

Only after all phases of Mainnet launch are complete the irreversible blockchain appears. Until then rollback and restart of the chain is possible.

Please, note that this essential technical due diligence, including validation testing, could take days to complete and completely depends on EOS.

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Thank you for staying with us!
Best regards, EXMO team