How to Buy Crypto on the Cryptocurrency Exchange

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How to Buy Crypto on the Cryptocurrency Exchange


Which method of buying Bitcoin is the simplest and easiest?

Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) currently looks attractive to many investors, especially now that the crypto market has begun to rally and prices are not yet too high.

Not all novices have a good understanding of the process of acquiring cryptocurrencies - for example, how to buy Ripple with dollars. Some even attempt to buy cryptocurrencies from random strangers in forums or from the first exchanger in their internet search results – attempts that often result in deception and loss of money.

For convenient, advantageous and safe purchase of cryptocurrencies experienced users use cryptocurrency exchanges, which offer the additional benefit of reliable safekeeping of purchased assets.

In today’s article, we look at how to transfer fiat (ordinary) money to an exchange account opened on EXMO and how to buy cryptocurrency for dollars, rubles or other funds credited to your account.

Together with issues around buying cryptocurrencies for rubles and hryvna, we will also touch on the question of exchanging dollars for Bitcoins (using a Qiwi wallet to pay funds into the exchange).

Not all holders of dollar accounts are interested only in Bitcoin, of course, but once you have learned how to pay dollars into EXMO you will also know where to buy Ripple or other cryptocurrencies with dollars.


How to buy Bitcoin with dollars, rubles or euros on EXMO

First, you need to complete a simple registration procedure on EXMO. After confirming your e-mail address you can go to the interfaces for topping up your account balance in the "Finance" menu. You can also see the cryptocurrency exchange rates in Trading - for example, the price of 1 Bitcoin in dollars.

Accounts in fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, PLN) and a range of accounts for saving purchased cryptocurrency are tied to your EXMO account. At the bottom of the page, you can find tools for topping up your account using an EX-CODE (a special code for transferring funds from one EXMO user to another).

“Advanced” clients of the Bitcoin exchange sometimes also buy codes in trusted online exchangers, in order to activate them and credit a pre-determined amount to their account. However, we would advise novices to begin by mastering the simpler methods of topping up their balance.

First, decide which currency is most convenient for topping up your exchange account. To begin with, it is best to select the currency you are most familiar with, even if it cannot be directly exchanged for all the cryptocurrencies of interest to you (this problem can be solved by purchasing Bitcoin as an intermediate asset). Thus, if you wish to buy Ripple with Qiwi, you simply have to pay funds into the exchange and exchange rubles for Ripple, and if you only use a Privat24 card, you should pay in hryvna via the UAH menu in Finance, exchange the hryvna for Bitcoins and then the Bitcoins for Ripple.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to top up a ruble account from a plastic card – card top-ups of USD, EUR and PLN accounts are available only to verified users, as is the use of certain high-security payment systems, such as buying Bitcoins with Neteller.

Although there is nothing particularly complicated about verification, novices who are not yet familiar with the exchange are in no hurry to complete it. Incidentally, the absence of EXMO verification does not greatly restrict opportunities to pay in or withdraw funds, and it is possible, for example, to pay in UAH from Ukrainian bank cards without it.

If topping up your account via Visa/MasterCard or other payment systems requiring verification on EXMO is not for you (for example, buying and selling Bitcoin via Skrill or using Wire Transfer), there are still a variety of electronic money options.

For example, you can use AdvCash, Qiwi, Payeer (suitable for paying in most currencies), Yandex.Money (for paying in rubles) or Okpay (for Polish zlotys only) to buy Bitcoin.

If you have an account and funds in one of these payment systems you are unlikely to encounter difficulties when topping up your balance; normally, you need only enter the amount, click on Top Up Balance and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you do not yet use electronic money accepted by EXMO you still have two options – learn how to use them or buy an EX-CODE to top up your balance. You can buy an EXMO-CODE with funds from a bank card or with many types of electronic money, but the problem is finding a truly reliable online exchanger. Experience shows that novices frequently fall victim to crooks when trying to choose an online exchanger themselves (it is particularly dangerous to use the first websites thrown up by an online search: you should only search for an exchanger using reliable specialized monitoring services).

Many types of e-wallet can be topped up not only via exchangers but also by more traditional methods, such as via your online bank account or by cash in the offices of the payment systems themselves (or their partners). After topping up your account you should go to the "Trading" page or use the simplified exchange interface. The process of using the interface to buy Bitcoins is covered in more detail in the article entitled “How to Use the Interface on the EXMO Trading Page”.

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