Bitcoin Gold: how to buy and where to keep? FAQ

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Bitcoin Gold: how to buy and where to keep? FAQ


Bitcoin Gold: market value

As long as Bitcoin Gold network was launched in November 2017, the inclusion of BTG for trading on some exchanges from 24th to 31st October 2017 was quite conventional (view the article “Bitcoin Gold vs Bitcoin: pros and cons” to get more information on the topic). And the users’ first impressions were quite uptight.

A short-term BTG price hike up to 500 dollars and more was followed by a price drop and uncertain volatility between $120 - $160. Currently, the coin price is fluctuating between $60 - $80, while the Bitcoin Gold capitalization has already reached more than $ 1 bln 267 mln (the data is given by at the time of writing).

Comparing the BTG rate and capitalization with the similar indicators of the late bitcoin forks, we see that it became quite successful. The amount of the Bitcoin Gold exchanges, along with the mining pools and supporting wallets variety have been gradually growing.

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange listed Bitcoin Gold on the 20th of April. BTG/BTC and BTG/USD currency pairs are already available on the platform.

Some users believe in the future perspective of this fork, and use the correction to purchase BTG.

To purchase Bitcoin Gold on EXMO, you just need to register on the platform. View “Buy & Sell” page to see the current BTG rate.

Where to keep Bitcoin Gold?

Memorably, using the “light” BTG-wallet was complicated for the users. It is quite obvious that BTG can only be securely kept in the wallets, which security has been time and trial-and-error tested.

Obviously, keeping Bitcoin Gold on a cryptocurrency exchange, that supported the mentioned fork, can be pretty beneficial. The benefits include the security of storage, convenience of the asset currency exchange, simplicity in transferring it to other wallets, and capability to install a two-factor authentication, enhancing the security of the funds.

You can not only easily purchase various cryptos on EXMO cryptocurrency platform but also keep them on your exchange account.

The integration of Bitcoin Gold on EXMO enables the platform’s users to effectively store their “gold-assets” in their profiles’ “Finance”.

Bitcoins and altcoins are kept on the EXMO’s “cold” offline wallets, which brings risks of busts to nothing. But every user still should follow the safety guidelines to secure one’s account.

Please, view the video about account security on our YouTube channel.

More ways of keeping BTG:

1) Bitcoin Gold Core. A “heavy” Bitcoin Gold wallet provided by the official developer is the most reliable, though not very convenient. The installation requires to download the whole BTG blockchain containing Bitcoin blockchain, which was shaped before October 24 (about 150 Gb), and separate Bitcoin Gold blockchain, shaped during the next 5 months, that is up to the current moment;

2) A “paper” wallet is simply a printed QR-code with the private key from a BTG-wallet. This storage method lacks mobility and requires certain competencies; it is important not only to import the private key to any Bitcoin Gold wallet with program interface when sending the funds but also create another paper wallet after spending some coins to finally send the rest to it. Besides, the use of “paper” holder does also have some drawbacks;

3) The hardware wallets Trezor and Ledger Nano. These are the tiny electronic devices providing the interface for working with a BTG-wallet, that is kept on them. The hardware wallets are traditionally considered to be very reliable and convenient for the long-term storage; please, note that you should purchase them from the official manufacturer;

4) The multi-currency wallets Coinomi and Exodus do also support Bitcoin Gold. The first one is thought to be more convenient, and allows to store the wide range of cryptocurrencies. However, it is only accessible for the mobile OS - iOS (beta-version) and Android. These wallet types do not require downloading BTG blockchain before usage.

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