TOP-5 unusual offers for sale in bitcoins

What to buy with bitcoins?... TOP-5 unusual offers for sale in BTC in 2017...

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TOP-5 unusual offers for sale in bitcoins


The exclusiveness of cryptocurrency has initiated the appearance of the no less exclusive offers for asset sale with bitcoins on the market. The experts from EXMO have studied a lot of offers and chosen the most interesting ones.



A yacht paid with bitcoins is not going to surprise anyone today. What is really interesting is that you can buy a submarine with a little more than 200 bitcoins and dive to the depth of no less than 300 meters.



For those, who are not inspired with sea depths, there is an opportunity to explore the depths of the universe with the help of mini-satellite at a cost of only 110 BTC. You can even try the system of 24 orbital apparatus at a cost of only 2000 bitcoins. Additionally, the cosmic amateurs can make an unforgettable journey with the help of Virgin Galactic. The journey will cost - $250 000; it can also be paid in BTC.



The original candies with almost any imaginable and unimaginable tastes can be purchased with bitcoins. Those, who ever wanted to try candies with the taste of blue cheese, passion fruit, chocolate bacon, or absinth won’t leave the online store of californian candy startup with no purchases. Considering the average price of a candy (about $8) and cost of bitcoin transaction, such an offer does not appeal much. However, the exclusiveness of the offer makes adding this startup to the rating worth.

Citizenship of Vanuatu


Vanuatu, the insular state says to give citizenship with all the rights to those, who send bitcoins in the equivalent of 200 thousand USD to the state treasury. By the way, Vanuatu is a Pacific state in Melanesia, located not far from Australia and Fiji.

Carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula


The American web-shop offers the opportunity to purchase with bitcoins a carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula, which can catch and eat the insects. Venus flytrap (another name of the plant) can also be cultivated as an indoor plant. However, the insufficient moisture and too high temperature cannot ensure the normal plant cultivation. The plant can also be cultivated as an indoor plant. It is quite uncertain who may buy it, but still, demand determines supply.

Additionally, the attractive investments also appear among the offers. Generally, these are personal estate (yachts, premium-class cars) and real estate (villas, small islands), jewellry, and business. One of such offers has been described in the previous article. It is up to you to decide what has a greater investment potential - business, or crypto-deposit.

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