Verification on EXMO: how to complete?

How to pass verification on EXMO ... How to pass verification on the EXMO cryptocurrency platform ... What does the verification of the Visa / MasterCard card mean?..

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Verification on EXMO: how to complete?


Verification is not compulsory for registration on EXMO. Verification completion including Identity, Address, Agreement verification stages is exclusively necessary for usage of the specific payment systems and high-assurance providers, such as Cryptocapital, SEPA, Payza, Neteller, Giropay, Bancontact, Wire Transfer.

The use of Visa/MasterCard to deposit/withdraw USD or EUR funds needs the Identity and Address verifications, plus card verification.

It is strongly recommended to look through a Guide on verification in “Verification” chapter of EXMOWIKI.

How to complete verification on EXMO?

A user does not have to register a ticker to complete the Identity and Address verifications.

If the user needs to complete verification process, he/she should select “Profile verification” in his/her profile, and fill in all the fields in the Identity and Address sections.


Please make sure to check out whether the format of the upload files is admissible (admissible size is jpg or png) including file size (from 500kb to 5Mb).

In case of the inaccurate information, or documents are provided, the manager of the Verification department can ask for the additional information, which is extending the general response time. For that reason, it is kindly requested to provide the complete information and comply with all requirements when filling in the verification forms.

After the documents and information have been sent for verification, the user is waiting for the result. In case of any uncertainties, a user will be sent a feedback containing further instructions by the verification manager to his/her profile, “Account Verification” chapter.


A user writes the corrections in the verification form and send information for the second verification using “Send for verification” button.

Having successfully completed the Identity and Address verifications, a user receives a notification on the successful verification in the Private messages to the profile.

A user will be able to download the Contract offer in the “Agreement” chapter after he/she has completed the Identity and Address verification. A user has to fulfill the following requirements: provide the signed agreement, attach it, and send for verification, having sent “Send for verification” button.

Then, according to the mentioned requirements, a user has to send selfie to

At this stage, a user will be notified on his/her account successful verification with green in the “Account verification” chapter.


Read more about verification process on the platform in the detailed article “Verification process with EXMO”.


Verification of Visa/MasterCard for USD and EUR deposit/withdrawal

If a user wants to use Visa/MasterCard for USD and EUR deposit/withdrawal, he/she needs to complete the profile verification (Identity and Address will be sufficient), plus compulsory card verification.

Card verification suggests a user confirmation of the right of possession of the payment card.

If a user wants to complete the card verification, he/she needs to register a ticket on the support website, or send a letter to

It is requested to indicate “Card verification” in the subject of the letter, and provide the following information:
- login on EXMO;
- email attached to the user’s profile on EXMO;
- full card number (16 figures on the front);
- card expiration date;
- photo of the card front;
- photo of the card back ;
- user’s selfie with card.

Only the first four and the last four figures of the card number should be seen on the photo of the card's front side.


CVV should be hidden on the photo of the card's back side.


All the photos should be of the following format: jpg or png, size from 500kb to 5Mb.

A user will be replied with a notification on the successful verification completion.

How to register a ticket to the support, what information to provide, read in the article“Support on EXMO. How does it work?”.

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