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Nobody challenges the bitcoin leadership, but the second place is being contested… Due to the demand among banks, and players’ efforts, Ripple succeeded to reach the second, after bitcoin, place… The correction of the majority cryptocurrencies could not be called all unforeseen…

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TOP-10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization. Reload


What cryptocurrencies are leading by capitalization today?

In terms of market tendencies monitoring, EXMO experts inspected TOP-5 cryptos by different criteria several months ago:
- anonymity;
- capitalization;
- volatility.

At the time when EXMO experts were regarding TOP-5 most capitalized cryptocurrencies and learning the stories of their success, the total value of all cryptos was equal a little more than $150 bln. The value has recently increased by a few times making up to $530 bln. See the graph below.


Though Bitcoin is leading as the most capitalized cryptocurrency, the situation with the other coins is still changing as well; a couple of the most successful market players among altcoins are competing to take the first place.

Let’s have a look at the list of 10 major cryptocurrencies to see what situation is on the market today.

What cryptocurrencies are added to TOP-10 most capitalized?

So, let’s review the structure of TOP-10 most capitalized cryptocurrencies. Please note, that the data was taken as of January 2018 including the total value of cryptocurrencies.

The picture below demonstrates top ten cryptocurrencies with their capitalization, price, daily trading volume, total amount of coins, and daily rate fluctuations (by


See the top cryptocurrencies in details below.
1. Bitcoin (BTC) keeps leading by capitalization. The share of bitcoin in the total value of cryptocurrencies does no longer exceed the share of all other coins: today, bitcoin values only one third of the total capitalization (34.67%). Currently, BTC is experiencing price collapse due to the negative news from the Asian trading platforms.The total capitalization of bitcoin makes $183 bln.

2. Ethereum (ETH)succeeded much since we had reviewed it last. The capitalization of this coin is going to reach $100 bln soon, allowing it to change the fourth place to the second. The technical progress, which has been reached due to the developers’ efforts, along with the market scaling did altogether contribute to the ETH growth in the last months.

3. Ripple token (XRP) has climbed two lines up in the rating comparing to October. The rate of Ripple was going up so actively on the back of the growing interest that it was even holding a leading position among altcoins for some time. Today, XRP is being corrected; its capitalization went down to $51 bln. However, this tendency does not mean that its growing potential has exhausted.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the total capitalization of $27 bln follows next. BCH succeeded in November. At that time, its rate went up by several times fixing the price higher than 1000 USD. As a result, BCH joined the three most “weighty” currencies, pushing back XRP.

5. Cardano token (ADA) holds the fifth position. The use of the smart-contracts enables it to enhance the internal efficiency of the cryptocurrencies economy. Cardano has showed the incredible capitalization growing results. The total value of all ADS did not surpass even a billion USD in October. Today, this toke capitalization makes almost $15 bln.

6. Litecoin (LTC)was actively going up in November-December. During that time, it did have all chances to stay among top-3 cryptocurrencies. However, though the other coins were going up with little progress in figures, but great progress in numbers did allow litecoin neither to go higher than the third place nor keep it. Though the most negative fears did not come true in relation to this coin, LTC capitalization went down almost twice during the correction phase. What is important is that once litecoin appeared on the market in mid 2012, it was showing a gradual and strong growth for quite a long time.

7. NEM token, which was aimed to bring the innovative changes to the bank transfers sphere, is another coin included to the top-10 that has been quite unknown till recently. The capitalization of this coin is going to reach the one of litecoin, making $8.898 bln.

8. Stellar token, which has some traits in common with ripple, is close to NEM with a total value of little less than $8.629 bln.

9. EOS is another token aimed to scale effectively the decentralized platforms and services. This token capitalization surpasses $8 bln making it closer to the other coins that have taken the higher positions in the rating.

10. NEO token, which demonstrated the great growing results in the last year, despite of the low starting positions, has finally joined TOP most capitalized coins. It has achieved almost $8 bln of capitalization value.

It is important to mention that cryptocurrency capitalization is an ever-changing climate. It is also the case of the new altcoins that are conquering the market and attention of investors. Along with that, the difference in capitalization between the bitcoin’s “younger brothers” (Ethereum, XRP, BCH) and new coins testifies that they are still more preferred for the potential investors.

By the way, TOP-5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization included BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and XRP (the order of rating is preserved) in October 2017. All these cryptos are availiable for trading on "Buy&Sell" page on EXMO cryptocurrency prlatform. Dash, NEM, NEO, Monero, and IOTA took the positions from 6 to 10, respectively. As it follows from the above, the leading market crypto-set, not including some changes, stays the same; at the same time, the altered environment of the market situation corrected the second part of the top-cryptos set.

The diagram shows what is a share of different cryptocurrencies in the total capitalization. Bitcoin share is marked with gold (34.67%), the following cryptos come in clockwise order: ETH (18.44%), XRP (9.66%), BCH (5.21%), ADA (2.78%), LTC (1.83%), NEM (1.66%), Stellar (1.63%), EOS (1.57%), and NEO (1.49%). All the other cryptocurrencies are placed in the section marked with white, and make a little more than 21% from the total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has resumed 2017, and analyzed the major crypto-market tendencies contributing to its growth, and development in the article “Cryptocurrency market capitalization: opportunities and perspectives”.


The rate drop of the majority of cryptocurrencies, which has become one of the most remarkable events of the second half of January, was foreseeable. Under the situation of the market overbought, any negative news can induce the serious corrections. In some sense the powerful correction is even good for the future price growth for crypto-assets. As some traders sell the assets at low prices, the path forward is being clearing up. The capitalization growth in 2017 has beat all expectations, and exceeded the capitalization growth of 2016. The question is whether we can expect for the same growth in the new year or not.

2017 was called the year of Bitcoin even before it started. Bitcoin capitalization went up more than by 10 times. Though bitcoin was not the first by the growth speed, it was the first in numbers. The correction showed that the bitcoin growing potential is limited, and there is still a problem with its network scaling. There is likelihood that the investment in altcoins will be more effective in 2018. The problem is that it is not so easy to differentiate the perspective coins in advance. It depends on many factors including the bitcoin reorganizations’ efficiency.

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