1 000 000 users on EXMO. Contest results

Cryptocurrency platform EXMO announced the results of contest…EXMO gives $1000 to the Winner of contest...

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1 000 000 users on EXMO. Contest results


Dear community,

EXMO cryptocurrency platform is happy to announce about the registration of 1 000 000 users! We are grateful so much for the trust and loyalty!

We are happy to announce that a 1 000 000 user registered on the platform on December 30, 2017. As it has been promised in the “predictions contest”, a user, who managed to guess a 1 000 000 user’s most accurate registration date and time, would be awarded with $1000 prize.

A 1 000 000 user’s registration date is 30 of December, and time is 13:50:32.

Congratulations to user a**s12!

To take prize, a Winner needs to contact EXMO cryptocurrency platform via [email protected] from his/her email attached to the user’s profile during 20 days from the contest results announcement date.

By the way, EXMO team has summarized the results of the gone year and shared its plans for future. Read more in the news “The 2017 results: EXMO core achievements”.

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Thank you all for participation in the contest.

We will together make EXMO #1 cryptocurrency platform by speed, loyalty, and trading opportunities!

Thank you for staying with us!
Your respectfully, EXMO team