Capitalization of TOP 5 cryptocurrencies. Comparison

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Capitalization of TOP 5 cryptocurrencies. Comparison


What cryptocurrencies are leading today?

In the cryptocurrency universe, many different cryptocurrencies started appearing soon after a bitcoin advent. The majority of these newly appeared cryptocurrencies are poorly individualized and developed, contributing to a huge non-capitalized community of invaluable ‘’clones’’ of some really successful cryptocurrencies. Apart of Bitcoin, advantageous cryptocurrencies include such unique cryptos as Ripple, Dash, and Ethereum. There are also some other cryptos that can be added to the list of the successful ones. These are those cryptos that possess progressive developers team, promotion campaign, or impressive transaction speed, which is the case of Litecoin (Bitcoin fork).

Let’s have a look at those cryptos along with Bitcoin that are leading today, and compare them by some important characteristics including capitalization, anonymity, volatility, and price growth history.

Comparison of TOP cryptos by price and capitalization

Price rate fluctuations during the months and even years is generally suggested to determine to a great extent the future perspectives of that or that one cryptocurrency. Let’s have a look at how price for five most advantageous cryptos has changed since they had been introduced on the crypto-market including their current capitalization.


1. Bitcoin (BTC) has been long traded, ever since their establishment in 2009 within a specific crypto-community, which was rather small at that time; by that time, Bitcoin price was worth a price cost of its mining, making one tenth of a cent (that is $0.001). The first real purchase for Bitcoin was made in May 2010, when Lazlo Hanesh bought a pizza from his friend for 10 000 Bitcoins. This purchase and a consequent publication made by technical specialists of one of the American most popular websites initiated Bitcoin price rate growth, which has soon after that gone up by 6%. A bit later, a new platform appeared – Mt. Gox, where miners could sell safely Bitcoins to those, who wanted to buy them; that platform has also initiated much Bitcoin price increase and decline rates. Jed McCaleb was the first owner of that platform, who then sold it to Mark Karpeles, contributing most of his time to work on Ripple.

In February 2011, Bitcoin rate first managed to reach a price of $1, and a bit later, of $10. In the course of two last years, Bitcoin was growing stronger to finally reach a price of $100 in April 2013, and then, $1000 – late in November. At that time, price rate was much speculated contributing to a price bubble collapse. Additionally, when in the beginning of 2014, Mt. Gox (one of the major platforms at that time) platform was broken, people could not rely much on Bitcoin. As a result, Bitcoin price dropped down aggressively for quite a long time making its price of about $200-$400 till the end of 2015. Since then, investors’ credit in Bitcoin potential has been growing even stronger. Expectedly, Bitcoin price has been growing steadily. By 2017, Bitcoin price reached $1000 and keeps moving ahead. Currently, Bitcoin price is about to reach $5000 with total capitalization of $80 bln.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH) first appeared in 2017 August 1 after Bitcoin fork. From the very beginning, BCC was planned to become an alternative, “genuine” Bitcoin that would never be enhanced with the help of SegWit, as it was thought to do with classic Bitcoin. The crypto-community was pretty much uncertain about BCH, while the vast majority of the community members did not approve at all a new coin idea. The majority considered BCH not as a valuable Bitcoin substitution but just like one of its altcoins.

After its integration, BCH was worth 8-10 times cheaper than classic Bitcoin, making a price of about $300. Later, its price increased by three times due to speculation, but not for a long, making BCH rate getting back to its previous rates. Currently, a single BCH is worth about $350 with its total capitalization of $5.5 bln.

3. Litecoin (LTC) appeared on the crypto-market in the mid of 2012, long yielding up Bitcoin ‘older brother’ leading position. LTC price was worth no higher than 10 cents till the overall crypto boom that started in spring 2013. However, during this boom, LTC did really show itself – its price increased just to $2-$3. In November 2013, LTC price overpassed the mark of $40 due to its rapid growth. A bit later, like Bitcoin, LTC used to experience a price drops, which were still even more undetermined and dramatic. Nevertheless, Litecoin rate soon stabilized, making its price worth several dollars. LTC did overpass this mark only three years later following a successful SegWit on this coin. From March to October 2017, a price for a single LTC increased from $4 to $50, currently holding its positions pretty stable. Litecoin capitalization is now worth $2.6 bln.

4. When Ethereum (ETH) first merged in 2015, its price was worth less than dollar. During the following half year, its rate did not differ much from the initial one, but in 2016, ETH price rate started changing rapidly. During the most part of 2016, ETH was worth $10 or above. In spring 2017, due to successful ETH development and increasing Bitcoin problem, Ethereum could reach a price mark of $400. After a while, ETH price dropped almost twice, but soon, it did partially restore its position. So, at the moment, ETH price is about $300 on EXMO crypto-platform. Its total capitalization exceeds $28 bln.

5. Ripple (XRP) appeared on crypto-platforms in the mid of 2013. Till the spring 2013, its rate did not experience any significant volatility, making the price worth no less than 0.5 cents. However, due to the overall altcoins price increase in spring 2017, Ripple value increased ten times, and now, it is worth about $0.25, with total capitalization of $10 bln.

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