The importance of bitcoin. Part One

The most epic financial transaction of this century ( at least until now ), took place on May 22, 2010. Wall Street or the City of London was not there location where it happened. It was carried out in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. She had nothing to do with secured debt obligations or stocks. It was the purchase of two pizzas from Papa John's in exchange for payment, the cost of which now exceeds 4 million dollars.

However, the most surprising part of this transaction was that the 18 y.o. pizza salesman Jeremy Sterdivant received compensation - 10 thousand units of newborn money, without any taxes or fees. Buying these pizzas "Pepperoni" was the first bitcoin transaction.

Weird word “blockchain”  

During the last years the term “blockchain” has become fashionable - technology, which is created on the basis of Bitcoin is getting more and more popular in various mass media. Financial Times wrote an enthusiastic article about banks, "seeking to get their hands on blockchain power". Forbes is also optimistic in its attitude towards blockchain: "everybody agreed that this technology will fundamentally change the nature of financial services." But what about Bitcoin? It is treated as an ugly stepchild. There is a strong feeling that everyone will be happy when Bitcoin will vanish.

For the programmers this situation seems strange and surreal. blockchain is just a data structure. It captures the imagination and is very powerful, but not revolutionary by nature. Should we consider interesting technology more exciting than its practical application?

Allow me to announce a heretical point of view, which violates the new conventional wisdom. What if Bitcoin is more important that blockchain? What if decentralized, devoid of limitations Bitcoin is much more important as a phenomenon?