Onecoin – is it a pyramid or a good business? Part One

The virtual currency Onecoin raises debates in Finland. Is it a so-called virtual currency that can give good profit or just another pyramid scheme?

- Onecoin got strong signals of a pyramid scheme, says Police department representative Jouni Laiho.

- Those who started it will get the major stake in profits, he says.

The idea of Onecoin have fallen on fertile ground in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Finland. Two large meetings in Helsinki recently accumulated large audience.

- It is a nonsense that Onecoin is about pyramid scheme, says Finland manager Tommi Vuorinen.

According to Vuorinen's association behind Onecoin there is a company that provides educational services and the new currency is just another project of them.

The company is registered in Gibraltar and has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the present moment it attracted a lot of investments already.